Harry Potter: Emma Watson Threw Rupert Grint Out Of The Set! Flashback To The Story

Harry Potter: Emma Watson Threw Rupert Grint Out Of The Set! Flashback To The Story

What was the worst “Harry Potter” scene for Emma Watson? A kiss between her and Daniel Radcliffe ended so severely that she had to throw someone off the set.

The Kiss Scene In “Harry Potter” Is Emma Watson’s Worst Experience On Set

There are many scenes in “Harry Potter” that you can imagine are tough to shoot. Emma Watson has a different understanding of “bad”. For the “Hermione Granger” actress, of all things, a kissing scene was her worst moment of filming. You’d think it was more of an impressive moment on set for the “Harry Potter” stars, but no. 

The main actors were really good friends behind the scenes, so of course, it was always a bit weird to shoot intimate scenes. You probably remember the scene in which Hermione and Harry kiss as “ghosts”? 

Well, that was Emma Watson’s worst scene in “Harry Potter”, and for a pretty crazy reason. You wonder not to be blamed. After all, the scene was compelling, which also surprised Daniel Radcliffe. 

“She got it right, I have to say. That knocked my socks off a bit, but yeah, I can’t complain. A lot of men would tear themselves up to be in my place, so I was totally fine with that.” 

For the “Harry Potter” actor, the experience seems excellent, so what exactly was so bad about that scene in the film? 

Emma Watson Threw Rupert Grint From The “Harry Potter” Set

Emma Watson had a straightforward explanation for her passionate kiss: she only gave the director what he wanted, a passionate kiss, to reduce the number of takes. Pragmatic and smart. Even so, she had a “Harry Potter” star banned from the set in this scene, Ruper Grint. The “Ron Weasley” actor was supposed to be there when Hermione and Harry kissed so that one can film his direct reaction, unfortunately, that was impossible. Rupert Grint could hardly contain himself with laughter as Emma Watson, and Daniel Radcliffe kissed. 

“I thought it was too funny, so Emma kicked me out because I couldn’t stop laughing.” 

For Emma Watson, it was the worst scene in the “Harry Potter” films, but she is positive about it: “I’m proud of it, even if it was so terribly uncomfortable. I’m very excited that we made it have to make it look anything but uncomfortable. Dan and I are like brother and sister so it was hard to make the kiss look passionate, believe me.” 

Quite a funny story and a very crazy worst scene. 


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