Final Destination 6: When Is The New Movie Releasing? Are There Any Plans?

Final Destination 6

The last part of “Final Destination” was released in 2011 in cinemas. Since then, apart from vague rumours, it has become very quiet. Now there is finally news: “Final Destination 6” is being planned.

According to reports from The Hollywood Reporter, the New Line Cinema studio is planning a revival of the “Final Destination” franchise. For this, among others, the “Saw” scriptwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan were hired, who most recently wrote the scripts for “Saw 3D” and “Piranha”. So the two of them are specialists and want to give the well-known series new impetus without changing the recipe for success.

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“Final Destination 6”: What Is It About?

“Final Destination 6” should not be a direct continuation but a reboot. The studio is thus jumping on the revival trend of recent years, which recently brought iconic horror series such as “Halloween” or “Child’s Play” back to the cinemas. It is still unclear which of the five parts will be rebooted. We could imagine that the story of the first part could be filmed again with new actors.

The reboot may also go in a completely new direction and only take over the premise of the first five parts. This is supported by an initial idea for action that producer Craig Perry gave to Digital Spy on the record: The tried and tested concept should be retained, but the perspective should change. “Final Destination 6” could therefore focus on first aiders who make decisions about life and death every day with their actions.

The Final Destination movie series franchise has a similar structure when it comes to its story. It is more likely that we will again see a bunch of young people attempting to escape death after accidentally dodging their fate. 

Perhaps some stars from the old films will also make guest appearances or even take on larger roles – at least the few who could escape the Grim Reaper. We’ll keep you up to date at this point.

“Final Destination 6”: When Will It Be In The Cinemas?

So far, New Line Cinema has not yet announced a date for the start of shooting, let alone a theatrical release. Judging by the interview with producer Perry (spring 2020), the film still seems to be in an early planning phase, the script is certainly not yet final, and accordingly, there are no dates for the shoot. The corona pandemic could also contribute to further delaying the implementation of the project. As soon as there is concrete news in this regard, you will find it here.


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