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Revolver Movie Release Date – Cast | Plot | Reception and Everything You Need to Know!

Revolver Movie

This article will examine the cast of the action-thriller film Revolver. Continue reading the conclusion for additional information.

About Revolver Movie

Guy Ritchie co-wrote and directed the 2005 action thriller Revolver, which stars Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, Vincent Pastore, and André Benjamin. The film focuses on a vengeance-driven confident man whose secret weapon is a universal formula that assures victory in any game or confidence trick.

Plot of Revolver

Jake Green (Jason Statham), a cockney mobster and gambler, gets freed from prison after seven years in solitary confinement for an undefined crime in an unnamed city. Jake developed claustrophobia as a result: he becomes extremely uneasy in confined settings and abhors traveling in elevators.

Jake and his brother Billy (Andrew Howard) visit a casino controlled by Dorothy Macha (Ray Liotta), a gang leader involved in illegal gambling throughout the city, two years later.

Macha is responsible for instructing Green to perform the crime that landed him in prison. The brothers have arrived to collect the debt that Green feels the criminal owes them, despite Billy’s resistance.

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Macha immediately summons them to a private part of his casino were a game with large stakes is going place. Jake loses a fortune in a chip toss with another player at the table.

He manipulates Macha into a false sense of security before placing the same wager with him, which he wins this time. Macha tells his right-hand man, Paul (Terrence Maynard), to have Jake murdered after being humiliated.

Macha grabs Jake at gunpoint as he is ready to exit the building, but a composed Jake refuses to be frightened. Jake has resisted the ego, resulting in his shame. Jake discovers his niece’s kidnapping in the theatrical release of the film and decides to return the money to the mafia leaders in order to save her.

Macha points a gun at Jake’s niece upon his arrival, but Jake displays no fear. A humbled Macha states that Jake cannot murder him because he is already deceased. The television turns black as he puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger.

Cast of Revolver Movie

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Themes of Revolver Movie

During the conception and production of the film, Guy Ritchie was interested in Kabbalah. The film itself is replete with references to Kabbalistic concepts, symbols, and numbers.

Zach, Jake, and Avi represent the Kabbalistic energies of the right, center, and left pillars, respectively. Avi is a black man whose physical appearance, attire, and mannerisms are somewhat feminine.

In Kabbalistic traditions, the ‘left pillar‘ or ‘left column‘ is frequently associated with ‘the feminine‘ and the color black. The color green is associated with Netzach, the sphere ruled by Venus (Love) on the Tree of Life. Jake’s last name is “Green.”

Zach is a massive, white man who “dresses down” in a very stereotypically “masculine” manner. In Kabbalistic traditions, masculinity and the color white are associated with the right column or right pillar energies.

The number 32 appears frequently. The Temple of Solomon was checkered like a chessboard, with 64 squares and 32 pieces. The elevator that Jake enters near the conclusion of the film has buttons for 32 floors. The bills in Jack’s money bags have a denomination of twelve dollars (Twelve).

Soundtrack of Revolver

According to director Guy Ritchie, the music for the film was initially intended to be primarily source-based, much like in his previous crime films Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Those source tracks would all have been classical in nature.

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However, during the production process, Ritchie changed his mind and decided to score a majority of the film with original music, leaving only some small sections of non-original music tracks. Ritchie selected Nathaniel Mechaly to compose the score. The score was performed by Mechaly on Mini Moog and other keyboards, with drummer Maxime Garoutte.

Reception of Revolver Movie

The film was largely criticized by critics, who viewed it as pretentious and overly convoluted. Rotten Tomatoes has an approval rating of 15% based on reviews from 67 critics, with an average score of 3.50/10. The consensus reads, “In attempting to meld his successful previous formulas with philosophical musings, Guy Ritchie has produced an incoherent misfire.”

There are some positive reviews as well. Mark R. Leeper conceded that it was “a film for a narrow audience“, but said that he personally rather “liked it” and gave it a score of 7/10.

According to Brian Orndorf, Revolver “is the perfect movie for those who like to crack things open and dig around the innards“, saying that it “reminded [him] quite a bit of Richard Kelly’s film, Donnie Darko”.

He goes on to explain that “both films have a taste for the deliberately confusing, sharing scripts that take the viewer on a ride that requires much more than one simple viewing.”

Box Office

As of 20 December 2005 the film had grossed $6,811,925.

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