Who Directed the Sequel of The Net Movie? Let’s Check!

This article will examine the cast of the action-thriller film The Net. Continue reading the conclusion for additional information.

 About The Net Movie

Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Northam, and Dennis Miller feature in The Net, a 1995 American action-thriller film directed by Irwin Winkler. The movie premiered on July 28, 1995.

The Plot of The Net Movie

Michael Bergstrom, the undersecretary of defense for the United States, commits suicide after learning he is HIV-positive. Angela Bennett is a systems analyst with Cathedral Software in San Francisco who works remotely in Venice, California.

Except for forgettable meetings with her neighbors and trips to her mother, who is institutionalized and frequently forgets who Bennett is due to Alzheimer’s disease, her interpersonal ties are nearly entirely online and over the phone.

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Dale, a coworker of Bennett’s, delivers her a floppy disc with the game “Mozart’s Ghost” that contains a backdoor branded “that grants access to a widely used computer security system called “Gatekeeper” provided by Gregg Microsystems, a software firm managed by CEO Jeff Gregg.The Net Movie

Dale and Bennett arrange to meet, but Dale is killed when his private plane crashes into a tower due to a malfunctioning navigation system. Bennett takes a vacation to Cozumel, where she meets Jack Devlin.

Devlin bribes a mugger to steal Bennett’s pocketbook while they walk along the beach, after having seduced Bennett. He pursues the thief into the bush, captures him, and then searches his purse for the disc before shooting him.

He takes Bennett out on his speedboat in an attempt to murder her, but she discovers his firearm and confronts him. Bennett’s dinghy collides with rocks while escaping with the disc and Devlin’s wallet. She is unconscious for three days in the hospital.

When Bennett awakens, she discovers that the disc was destroyed by the sun and that all records of her life have been erased: she was checked out of her hotel room in Cancun, her car is no longer parked at the airport, and her credit cards are no longer valid. The home of Bennett is currently vacant and up for sale.

Furthermore, because none of the neighbors recall her, they are unable to confirm her identity. Bennett’s Social Security number is now associated with “Ruth Marx,” for whom Devlin has entered an arrest record by hacking the police computer system via the Gatekeeper backdoor.

When Bennett calls her own desk at Cathedral Software, a doppelganger answers and offers Bennett her previous life in exchange for the disk. She contacts the only other individual who recognizes her by sight, a former lover and psychiatrist Alan Champion.

For her safety, he checks her into a hotel, offers to contact a friend at the FBI, and arranges for her mother to be relocated. Bennett emails the FBI proof of the backdoor and Gregg’s participation with the Praetorians from the Moscone Center and charms Devlin into unleashing a virus into Gregg’s mainframe, so destroying Gatekeeper and reversing the erasure of her identity.

Bennett ambushes Devlin with a fire extinguisher, leading him to fall to his death during a battle on the catwalks of the convention center in which Devlin accidentally kills the Bennett imposter from Cathedral Software (the real Ruth Marx).

Bennett regains her name, her residence, and her life. She then reunites with her mother, the scheme is discovered, and Jeff Gregg is arrested live on television by the FBI.

The Cast of The Net Movie

  • Sandra Bullock as Angela Bennett
  • Jeremy Northam in the role of Jack Devlin
  • Dennis Miller in the role of Dr. Alan Champion

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  • Diane Baker as Mrs. Bennett
  • Wendy Gazelle as a Fraud
  • Ken Howard as Bergstrom
  • Ray McKinnon portrayed Dale
  • Gerald Berns as Jeff Gregg

Production of The Net Movie

Bullock agreed in October 1994 to film The Net from mid-January to April 10, 1995. The Net was filmed at the Moscone Center and Macworld in San Francisco on January 5, 1995, and at different places in Washington, D.C. in April 1995.

Reception of The Net Movie

The Box Office

The Net made $50.7 million in the United States and Canada. Its budget was estimated to be $22 million, and it came out on July 28, 1995. The movie made $110.6 million worldwide, which includes how much it made in other countries.

Critical Response

Rotten Tomatoes, has an average score of 5.3 out of 10 based on 54 reviews, and 43% of critics liked it.The Net Movie

The site’s consensus says, “The premise has potential, and Sandra Bullock is as likable as ever, but The Net doesn’t have enough thrills or plausible plot points to recommend it.”

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Owen Gleiberman said of Sandra Bullock’s performance in Entertainment Weekly, “Bullock pulls you into the movie. Her overripe smile and clear, pleading eyes sometimes remind me of Julia Roberts.” CinemaScore asked people who saw the movie and found that most of them gave it a “B” on a scale from A+ to F.

Sequel to The Net Movie

In February 2005, it was announced that Nikki DeLoach would play Hope Cassidy in a new movie called The Net 2.0, which would be directed by Irwin Winkler’s son Charles Winkler.

It came out in 2006 as a direct-to-video movie about a young systems analyst who gets a new job in Istanbul and finds that her identity has been stolen. The same name was given to an American TV show that was based on the movie and starred Brooke Langton as Angela Bennett.

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