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About The Devil’s Advocate

The Devil’s Advocate (marketed as The Devil’s Advocate) is a 1997 supernatural horror film directed by Taylor Hackford and starring Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino, and Charlize Theron.

Based on Andrew Neiderman’s 1990 novel of the same name, tells the story of a talented young Florida attorney (Reeves) who is invited to work for a major firm in New York City. As his wife (Theron) is haunted by terrifying visions, the lawyer gradually realizes that the firm’s owner (Pacino) is not who he seems to be, but is in fact the Devil.

The Plot of The Devil’s Advocate

Kevin Lomax is a defense attorney in Gainesville, Florida who has never lost a case. As he defends schoolteacher Lloyd Gettys against a child molestation charge, he realizes belatedly that his client is guilty. However, Kevin destroys the victim’s credibility through rigorous cross-examination, resulting in a “not guilty” verdict.

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A representative of a law firm in New York City requests Kevin’s assistance with jury selection. After the jury returns a verdict of not guilty, the firm’s CEO, John Milton, offers Kevin a high-paying position. Kevin accepts and moves to Manhattan with his wife Mary Ann.Devils Advocate Cast

He will soon devote the majority of his time to work, leaving Mary Ann feeling alone. Alice, Kevin’s fundamentalist mother, visits New York City. After an unsettling conversation with Milton, she suggests they both return home, but Kevin refuses.

Mary Ann is visited by Alice, Kevin, and Pam Garty, his case manager, at the institution. After perceiving Pam to be a demon, Mary Ann strikes her with a hand mirror and locks the door.

Mary Ann commits suicide by slitting her throat with a shard of glass as Kevin destroys the door. Alice reveals that Milton is Kevin’s father, whom she met in New York decades ago and with whom she had a traumatic encounter.

Kevin leaves the hospital to confront Milton, who admits to committing a sexual assault on Mary Ann. The bullets that Kevin fires at Milton pass through him. Milton reveals himself to be the Devil. Suddenly, Kevin finds himself back in the Gettys trial’s recess. He announces that despite the threat of disbarment, he cannot represent his client.

Larry, Kevin’s journalist friend, offers him a high-profile interview that will make him famous. Kevin agrees after Mary Ann’s encouragement. Following their departure, Larry transforms into Milton, who tells the film’s audience, “Vanity — my favorite sin.”

The cast of The Devil’s Advocate

  • Keanu Reeves as Kevin Lomax
  • Al Pacino as John Milton / Satan
  • Charlize Theron portraying Mary Ann Lomax
  • As Eddie Barzoon, Jeffrey Jones
  • As Alice Lomax, Judith Ivey
  • Connie Nielsen as Christabella Andreoli
  • Craig T. Nelson portraying Alexander Cullen
  • As Barbara, Heather Matarazzo
  • Tamara Tunie portrayed Jackie Heath

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  • The Father of Barbara is Murphy Guyer
  • As Leamon Heath, Ruben Santiago-Hudson
  • As Judge Poe, Michael Lombard
  • As Pam Garrety, Debra Monk
  • Justice Department actor Vyto Ruginis as Mitch Weaver
  • As Melissa Black, Laura Harrington
  • Pamela Gray as Diana Barzoon
  • As Bashir Toabal, M.B. Ghaffari
  • George Wyner as Meisel
  • Neal Jones as Larry, a Florida reporter
  • Don King being himself
  • Roy Jones Junior as Himself
  • As Phillipe Moyez, Delroy Lindo
  • Chris Bauer portraying Lloyd Gettys
  • Monica Keena as Alessandra Cullen
  • Senator Al D’Amato portrayed himself

Production of The Devil’s Advocate

The Devil’s Advocate was written by Andrew Neiderman as a novel, and Simon & Schuster published it in 1990. Neiderman, believing his story might be made into a film, approached Warner Bros. and claimed to have led his successful sale with the following synopsis: “It’s about a New York law office that represents only bad individuals and never loses.”

In 1996, principal photography began in New York, but by November, it was struggling. Delays were exacerbated by the removal of the original cinematographer and assistant directors, and an anonymous source reported that Pacino regarded Hackford to be arrogant and boisterous.

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Arnold Kopelson, the film’s producer, refuted a claim made by an executive that Pacino was frequently tardy to work. Later, Hackford stated that Pacino was professional despite the fact that his position did not require it.

Release of The Devil’s Advocate

Warner aimed for an August 1997 release during the early stages of filming. The film was eventually released on October 17, 1997, simultaneously with another horror picture, I Know What You Did Last Summer.Devils Advocate Cast

To advertise the release, Warner’s website featured a quote from Canto III of Dante’s Inferno: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” Although this is confirmed openly in the film’s final acts, it was made clear in the television advertising and poster that Milton was Satan.

Reception of The Devil’s Advocate

On its opening weekend in October 1997, The Devil’s Advocate grossed $12,2 million, placing it in second place behind I Know What You Did Last Summer, which earned $16 million.

During the Halloween season, The Devil’s Advocate competed mostly with youth-targeted horror flicks. It grossed $56.1 million by December 6, 1997. It concluded its run on February 12, 1998, grossing $61 million in North America and $90 million abroad.

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