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This article will examine the cast of the horror film Christine. Continue reading the conclusion for additional information.

About Christine

Christine is a 1983 American supernatural horror film directed by John Carpenter and starring Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul, Robert Prosky, and Harry Dean Stanton. The film is credited onscreen as John Carpenter’s Christine. Roberts Blossom and Kelly Preston are also featured in the film in supporting roles.

The picture grossed $21 million at the US box office during its initial release. Since receiving predominantly positive reviews from reviewers, the film has become a cult classic. A remake is under development.

Plot of Christine 

In September 1957, at a Chrysler Corporation assembly factory in Detroit, the hood of a newly constructed, red-and-white 1958 Plymouth Fury crushes the hand of a line worker inspecting the vehicle’s front end.

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Another employee steps into the driver’s seat, allowing the ash from his cigar to fall into the front seat. At the end of the shift, the line supervisor observes that the car’s radio is still playing; as he opens the door to turn it off, the worker’s body falls to the ground.Christine Cast

In September 1978, twenty-one years later, awkward and unpopular adolescent Arnold “Arnie” Cunningham resides in Rockbridge, California with only one friend, football player Dennis Guilder.

Arnie’s life begins to change when he purchases a secondhand, deteriorating Fury from George LeBay, whose deceased brother Roland was the original owner. George provides Arnie with information regarding the Fury, including its name: “Christine.”

Arnie begins restoring Christine at a do-it-yourself garage and junkyard operated by Will Darnell, as his angry and stern parents will not allow him to keep the automobile at their home.

Arnie discards his glasses, dressed more like a 1950s greaser, and acquires an arrogant, paranoid mentality as he spends more time with Christine. Regina, Arnie’s mother, informs Dennis that Roland truly committed suicide in Christine, unbeknownst to Arnie.

George, when confronted by Dennis, confirms that Roland’s daughter choked to death and his wife committed suicide in the car. After his wife’s death, George compelled Roland to get rid of Christine, but it was returned to him three weeks later.

Dennis and Leigh use the bulldozer to attack Christine, but she repeatedly fixes herself and retaliates. The conflict continues until they continuously drive back and forth over Christine, severely injuring her to the point that she cannot regenerate instantly.

The following day, Dennis, Leigh, and Junkins observe Christine’s skeletal remains being crushed by a vehicle crusher in a junkyard and deposited on the ground as a solid block.

Junkins commends the teenagers for vanquishing the demonic automobile, despite their grief over Arnie’s death and inability to prevent Christine’s conversion. As the camera gently zooms in on the car’s wreckage, a part of the front grill briefly twitches before becoming still.

Cast of Christine

  • Keith Gordon in the role of Arnie Cunningham
  • John Stockwell as Dennis Guilder
  • Alexandra Paul in the role of Leigh Cabot
  • Robert Prosky in the role of Will Darnell
  • Harry Dean Stanton as Private Investigator Rudy Junkins
  • Christine Belford portraying Regina Cuthbert
  • Roberts Blossom in the role of George LeBay

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  • William Ostrander portrays Clarence “Buddy” Repperton in the film.
  • David Spielberg as Mr. Casey
  • Malcolm Danare as Peter “Moochie” Welch
  • Steven Tash in the role of Richie Trelawney
  • Stuart Charno as Don Vandenberg
  • Kelly Preston portraying Roseanne
  • Marc Poppel in the role of Chuck
  • Robert Darnell in the role of Michael Cunningham
  • Jack Faust as referee

Production of Christine


Richard Kobritz produced the miniseries Salem’s Lot, which was likewise based on a Stephen King novel. Kobritz met King through the production of the miniseries, and King sent him the manuscripts of two of his novels, Cujo and Christine. Kobritz acquired the rights to Christine because he was drawn to the novel’s “celebration of America’s fascination with the automobile.”


Christine was predominantly filmed in Los Angeles, California, while Darnell’s garage was filmed in Santa Clarita. In April 1983, barely days after the publication of King’s novel, production began.

For the opening scene, an abandoned furniture factory in Irwindale was utilized. The majority of the film’s stunts were performed by stunt coordinator Terry Leonard, who drove the car during the high-speed pursuit scenes and the scene in which the automobile goes along a highway while on fire.

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Leonard wore a Nomex firefighter’s suit with breathing apparatus during that sequence. Caroline Paul, the identical twin sister of Alexandra Paul, said that she and her sister played a prank during filming by bringing Caroline on set. She wrote, “My exceptionally excellent clutch-pushing made it into the film.

The car in Christine

Although the car in the film is labeled as a 1958 Plymouth Fury, the Belvedere and the Savoy were also used to simulate the evil cars on-screen.Christine Cast

John Carpenter published advertisements throughout Southern California seeking models of the car, and was able to obtain twenty-four of them in varying degrees of deterioration; these were utilized to construct a total of seventeen replicas of the film car. All cars were two-door hardtops.

Release of Christine

Christine was released in 1,045 cinemas across North America on December 9, 1983. Christine’s opening weekend gross was $3,408,901, ranking it fourth. The film’s second-weekend gross decreased by 39.6%, falling from fourth to eighth place.

In its third weekend, the film grossed $1,851,009 and fell to number nine. The film’s fourth-weekend gross stayed at #9, at $2,736,782. It returned to the top ten in its fifth weekend, grossing $2,015,924.

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