‘Vegan Queen’ Sarma Melngailis’ Bizarre Demise Is Illuminated in the Bad Vegan

The “Queen of Vegan Cuisine,” respected chef to a fugitive after stealing over $2 million from investors and staff, is the subject of a four-part Netflix documentary series that takes viewers inside one of New York’s oddest scandals. A Domino’s non-vegan pizza was delivered to their motel room in Tennessee in May 2016, away and convicted of grand theft, tax fraud, and conspiracy to defraud both received time in prison.

When Bad Vegan premieres on the streaming platform on March 16, the narrative doesn’t end there. In a series teaser released on Tuesday, a producer questions one of Melngailis’ old collaborators. She says, in fear and uncertainty, “What’s the meat suit?” she exclaims. I’ll be back in a minute,” she replies after hearing her response.

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Fyre director and executive producer Chris Smith is behind the show.

As far as I can tell, he has a good deal of experience with more unbelievable stories than they appear to be. Melngailis’ friends and former employees are interviewed in the book to provide light on the circumstances surrounding the chef’s death.

At Pure Food and Wine, Melngailis first met Strangis; the restaurant had received praise as “the greatest in the world,” and its regulars included Owen Wilson, Gisele Bündchen, and Woody Harrelson. Melngailis and Strangis have been friends ever since.

One of the persons interviewed for the series of the upmarket restaurant adds, “It was ahead of its time.” According to the New York Times, at the upscale establishment. A “high quality, find-dining vegan experience” was what I had in mind.

Strangis, a convicted felon from Fairhaven, Massachusetts, who had previously been arrested for grand theft and impersonating a police officer, became Melngailis’ romantic interest and later her husband. One of Strange’s old associates recalls, “There were loads married him.” Do you know whether there was any form of blackmail?

Strangis appears to have exerted influence over Melngailis.

In the trailer’s opening minutes, Strangis can be heard addressing Melngailis, “You agreed to this. It was clear from your words that you want a happily ever after. Take and set it on fire if I say so,” says the bandleader.

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It is claimed that he vowed to make her pet pitbull eternal later on in the story. According to a colleague, Anthony informed Sarma she had to undertake. In other words, “it’s total lunacy.” It wasn’t long before Melngailis began siphoning money from her restaurant and giving it to her husband so “he could make her aspirations a reality.”

In addition, the question of whether, later alleged, was involved in the plot is still open. “Running a scam on him?” a viewer asks in the teaser. There is a possibility that this is part of the scam. It makes her appear like Bernie Madoff, the vegan Bernie Madoff,” she says.

And Melngailis herself will be on hand to speak to them. An episode of the show featuring the once restaurateur has been greenlit.

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