The Exorcist Reboot: New trilogy, Release year and Plot

The Exorcist Reboot: New trilogy, Release year and Plot

It is no exaggeration to say that “The Exorcist” is one of the most iconic horror movies of all time. William Friedkin’s “Demon Possession” (Demon Possession) was famous when it was released in 1973, which allegedly scared viewers into physical side effects such as fainting and vomiting. It caused a sensation and became the first film to win. A horror film nominated for Best Picture (it has only happened five times since then). Today, it stands out for its clever and terrifying special effects and significant influence on popular culture. 

But despite its success, the sequel of “The Exorcist” has been facing a hard time to achieve the original material. Some of them (such as “The Exorcist II” in 1977, “The Beginning of the Exorcist” in 2004, and “Reign: The Exorcist Prequel” in 2005) received notoriously negative reviews. Even better attempts, like “Exorcist III” or the short-lived TV sequel of the same name, can’t capture the public’s attention unlike the sheer power of the original. 

However, “The Exorcist” is expected to soon usher in a vibrant and exciting sequel, because Blumhouse Productions’ President Jason Blum is developing the sequel with director David Gordon Green.

A trilogy?

The direct sequel to David Gordon Green (Blumhouse Productions) and Universal Pictures’ “The Exorcist” will launch a new trilogy. 

After Green confirmed that the script for “The Exorcist” had been completed, Universal and Peacock reached a $ 400 million deal, allowing the next exorcist movie to launch a new trilogy. He wrote the script with Peter Sattler and tells the story inspired from Green and Halloween’s collaborators McBride and Scott Teems. 

The first film will be portrayed by Leslie Odom Jr. as the father of a possessed child. He turns to the role played by Chris McNeill, played by original star Alan Burstin, for help. No production date was given for the first part, but the studio is currently looking for the theatrical release date of October 2023 and is expected to be released directly in the second and third parts.

When will the reboot return?

According to the New York Times, Blumhouse’s “Exorcist” sequel is scheduled to be released in 2023. With David Gordon Green as the director, the 2023 release date seems reasonable. Although Halloween Killing and Halloween End are scheduled to open in 2021 and 2022, they were continuously filmed in 2019 and were postponed due to the COVID19 pandemic. Green can now do the finishing touches for his Halloween sequel, because he is preparing for “The Exorcist 2”.

The storyline for The Exorcist 2

The plot for the “Exorcist” reboot is currently not known to us, but we know for a fact that Blum plans to produce the sequel that will definitely attract both old and new fans. “I want to make a movie that attracts both types of audiences. I want to make a movie for people who know and love the first “Exorcist” and are angry at us for doing so, but somehow they Drag themselves into the movie theaters,” Blum told Den of Geek. 

The 2018 movie “Halloween” explores how Laurie has dealt with her trauma in the decades since the original book, and how the legend of Michael Myers influencing the imagination of the public, he conducted in-depth research on the characters and turned the horror into what it is today with reliable emotions and comments on “Halloween” in 1978. Hopefully the “Exorcist 2” will manage to scare us just like that too.


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