The Last Letter From Your Lover Review: Another cliche romance movie?

The Last Letter From Your Lover Review: Another cliche romance movie?

Do you want to swoon and be attracted at the same time? The Last Letter From Your Lover may be the perfect movie for you. The movie starring Shailene Woodley and Felicity Jones is now out on Netflix. 

This beautiful love story also stars Callum Turner, Joe Alvin and Nabarn Rizwan, and is directed by Augustine Frizzell.  This romantic drama tells two epic love stories that unfold at the same time 50 years apart. When a contemporary journalist traced a couple from the 1960s through the handwritten letters she found in the book, the two stories became intertwined. The turning point of this movie may surprise you.


When a reporter found a love letter while searching her newspaper archives, she delved into the past and uncovered a passionate romantic story with a tragic ending. 

This is a story that happened in two periods. Currently, reporter Felicity Jones is investigating the obituary of a former reporter in her newspaper when she discovered a letter between two lovers who met secretly at Marylebone Station. When she and the archivist Nabhaan Rizwan found more letters, she became obsessed with figuring out the ending of the story. At the same time, the flashback shows the love affair between socialite Jennifer (played by Shailene Woodley) and financial reporter Anthony (played by Callum Turner) in the 1960s, when he wrote an article about her industrial husband Lawrence (played by Joe Alvin).

Is it worth the watch?

The way The Last Letter From Your Lover does business is nice. There is no doubt that this is a schmaltzy film, but it was shot with some elusive sharpness. Although this particular type of filming won’t break the routine in any way, there must be a mysterious ingredient in the mix: self-awareness. Frizzell knew exactly the movie he was making. He understands what the audience wants, he understands what the narrative needs, and he knows how to make it work without letting the audience feel smothered by anything that’s too sweet. 

Felicity Jones brings it all together in a brilliant and crazy central performance. She seemed to enjoy the opportunity to free herself from the trap of the times that often bound middle-class British actors. Happily she found the slightly messy cynicism of 21st century reporters, willing to eat a whole croissant in one bite instead of throwing it away. Her passion for tracking lyrics inevitably prevented a romantic relationship with Rizwan’s charming nerdy archivist, but both artists were smart enough to keep their work even if they were obsessed with the most obvious rom-com cliches. Alive and relaxed. 

The other half of story is heavier, more complicated, and more difficult to get involved with in the movie, but the charm of Shailene Woodley helps her incisively and vividly. In the scene, she makes Turner’s cocky, self-righteous writer think she’s sharper, smarter, and more complicated than the trophy wife stereotype that originally classified her. In these sequences, Frizzell indulges in warmth, color, and possibly sexiness in the gorgeous glow of the French Riviera, in stark contrast to Woodley’s character, ultimately in the cold, intimidating environment of home- inevitably getting amnesia from a vehicular accident. It’s such a movie. 

But this is the charm and beauty of the last letter from your lover. Frizzell turned to stupidity and clichés, and found the best point between direct streaming and the blink of an eye for an audience that had seen dozens of such stories over the years. This movie knows that its audience will at least advance throughout the story, not to turn everything upside down in search of surprises, but to play popular songs out loud in cheap seats like a very good Nicholas Sparks cover band. 

Is the movie based on a real life romance?

Unfortunately no. The story is completely fictitious and has no resemblance to any real life story.

So, is it based on a book?

Yes. The story has been penned by our wonderful author Jojo Moyes. He wrote this romance novel of the same name as the movie back in 2008. He is also known for his book Me Before You which also got a film adaptation.

Where can you stream it?

It is a netflix original movie so it is available for streaming only there.


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