Violet Evergarden Movie: Everything you need to know before the official release!

Violet Evergarden Movie: Everything you need to know before the official release!

The series of Japanese novels – Violet Evergarden was adapted into series and then into films. Kana Akatsuki wrote the novel. Akiko Takase drew the illustrations for the novel. Violet Evergarden: The film will be released on Netflix. We have put together a short guide on where and when you will find it. Besides, what will you get and what to expect before watching it. 

Violet Evergarden: The film is written by Reiko Yoshida and directed by Taichi Ishidate. The movie received a high IMDb score of 8.5. The film won the Tokyo Anime Award in the Animation of the Year category in the Film category.

When is the film going to be released in cinemas?

The movie “Violet Evergarden: The Movie” will be released on Netflix on October 13, 2021, according to an announcement by officials. The film was originally released in 2020 but will now be available to stream internationally starting next month. There are rumors that there will be an English dub and a Japanese dub, so wait until October 13. The trailer for the film has been released and can be viewed on YouTube.

Plot of the movie

The story revolves around Violet, who was originally in the army and worked there as a machine. She loses a major, whom she greatly admires during the war. After the war ended, she got lost in this big world. She slowly began to move on with her life and become a ghostwriter, which means that she writes on behalf of others. This film focuses on his work as a writer for a sick boy and her discoveries.

Cast for the movie

Here is a list of the characters with their voice actors in English and Japanese. 

Yui Ishikawa spoke the character of Violet Evergarden in Japanese and Erika Harlacher in English. Claudia Hodgins’ character was voiced in Japanese by Takehito Koyasu and in English by Kyle McCarley. Dietfried Bougainvillea’s character was voiced in Japanese by Hidenobu Kiuchi and in English by Keith Silverstein. Gilbert Bougainvillea’s character is spoken in Japanese by Daisuke Namikawa and in English by Tony Azzolino. 

The character of Benedict Blue is voiced in Japanese by Koki Uchiyama and in English by Ben Pronsky. The character of Iris Cannary was voiced in Japanese by Haruka Tomatsu and in English by Cherami Leigh. The voice actors of the film would probably be the same as with the series. 

Keep this is mind!

The movie “Violet Evergarden: The Movie” cannot be seen as a stand alone. This movie is related to the series released in 2018, a lot of characters have been introduced in the series and therefore the movie starts without a character introduction. New viewers trying to see the movie will be lost without prior knowledge of the characters. 4,444 fans who saw the movie rated it. 

Almost all of the reviews were positive, with only one or two negative reviews. The positive reviews were that it was a great ending to Violets’ misery, and it was satisfying to watch. On the other hand, the negative reviews added that the ending was rushed and the whole experience felt cheaper.


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