Percy Jackson: New movie canceled but we have even better news!

Percy Jackson: New movie canceled but we have even better news!

A Percy Jackson 3 movie following the events of the last movie is not in development and will never be. However, Disney + is restarting the complete series with the author Rick Riordan. 

Percy Jackson rebooted as series!

Percy Jackson is officially under development at Disney +, and the good news is that the author seems to be strongly involved in the process. He did not make any secrecy about the fact that he was in Los Angeles to meet Disney and give them his vision for a series of successful television. He also defended television adaptation, which is more than what he can say about his role with his films. 

 “In the first stages of #PercyJacksondisneyPlus. I’m still working around the script. Too early to get information about casting or anything else. But I am in the room in which it happens, to mention the big @lin_manuel, and will do everything possible to be proud “, Rick Riordian tweeted.

We don’t know when the Percy Jackson TV show will start filming, but we look forward to furthering progress. Recently, writer Rick Riordan announced that they are still in the early writing stages of the Disney + series, and his “most optimistic guess” is that the show will be released in two years. That is, if his estimate is correct, it will be sometime in 2022. 

He recalled, “Making TV shows is much more complicated, especially under the influence of unknown factors such as pandemics. The writing is still going on which will probably take several months. Our most hopeful date would be in a couple of years? Probably?”

Just recently, in April 2021, Riordan announced that the Disney + Percy Jackson TV show had hired Jonathan E. Steinberg to co-write and produce the series.

Percy Jackson 3 would never release

Initially, we learned that the Percy Jackson movies would never be back at the table in 2014, when the lead actor Logan Lerman(who plays Jackson himself) said: “It’s not happening”, Jackson was the champion of the character. 

However, he simply said that movies were not thought to be. After the first movie was released it was disliked (we daresay hated) by the fans. The critics were awestruck by the sheer audacity to even release such a movie. It would have been a miracle if the film received a sequel. But the miracle happened, and it was in the form of Percy Jackson: Sea of monsters.  

While the next movie, Sea of Monster, did much better than its predecessor not so much in terms of box office collection rather in the eyes of the fans. But this love was not enough to ensure another movie. Many film fans expected a third film to happen, even if only out for See how best the last two films could improve. 

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief was released in 2010, with a global box office of $226 million (domestic $88.7 million). The sequel “Monster Sea” debuted in 2013 with a global box office of 199 million U.S. dollars (USD $68.5 million). 

And although the lack of a third movie was certainly disappointing was the long-term fans of the books wh were looking forward to seeing the books materialize on the screen. But now we have even better news: in early 2020, Disney announced that it will get Percy Jackson TV developing a dedicated broadcast on Disney+ Out. And no one was happier with the news than the author Rick Riordan.

Rick Riordan hated the movies

Author Rick Riordan’s disdain for the film was first exposed in 2016 when a teacher demonstrated the sea of ​​monsters in her classroom on Twitter. Riordan wrote an open letter to all teachers explaining why under no circumstances should they show students any Percy Jackson films. 

“Stop. Please. No class deserves such a punishment. I mourn the loss of the perfect class time,” he tweeted back on March 25, 2016. 

In a lengthy letter, he wrote something better than watching a Percy Jackson movie. In June 2020, he once again shared his contempt : 

“Those movies provide some hours of entertainment for you. But for me it was my life’s work when I begged them not to build a meat grinder. Yes sir. But it is okay. all is well. We’ll fix it soon.”

He went on to explain that he had never seen a movie – he was only judging it by the script: 

“Since the beginning i have never seen the movies and I would probably not ever. I judge them from the scripts they have read because stories are my favorite things to do. I certainly have no objection to very talented actors. It is not your fault. I’m sorry you were involved in this mess,” he said.


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