Lord Of The Rings Movies Watch Order: Where and how to watch them all?

Lord Of The Rings Movies Watch Order: Where and how to watch them all?

It’s a good time to revisit or see a movie set in Middle-earth for the first time. Both the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies have been remastered in 4K version to make them more beautiful than ever with spectacular true stories benefiting from the long-awaited improved visuals and audio. 

However, the debate on the best order to watch a movie is intensifying, with some choosing to watch the Hobbit first and others choosing to watch the original trilogy first. 

If you don’t know which direction to look, here are two commands to help you make a decision and what we think is the best way at the moment.

Lord of the Rings watch order in terms of release date

That’s how we first got them from the franchise and going about through the timeline view continues to be a fun way to see all the top three of the series first. In this order, you start with a more slow-paced initial movie and watch it become more interesting as the events unfold and more mysteries are unlocked. It is more entertaining to already know what’s going on in Middle-earth.

The Fellowship of the Ring

Everything started with this movie, Fellowship of the Ring is a fun movie and a perfect introduction to everything in Middle-earth. The pace is slow, but there is still innocence as the Fellowship begins and follows the journey that Frodo and his friends begin to understand how dangerous the situation they have encountered is. 

The Two Towers

The Two Towers was successful in maintaining the hype that followed the success of Fellowship. The action in the first movie is solid, but here it has been taken to another level in the Battle of Helm’s Castle. This is an epic adventure that continues to awe people years later. The top contender for best movie amongst all the installatoions? Almost certainly. 

The Return of the King 

It’s hard to talk about King’s return without mentioning its many aftermaths, and it was like a relief to pass when the credit rolled. It’s the perfect ending to a spectacular trilogy with the most impactful action series fans have ever seen. 

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An Unexpected Journey

An Unexpected Journey took the reference from the Fellowship book but is paced slowly- arguably too slowly. The movie has a lot of great characters and the fun of the movie is not lost, but after seeing it became clear that director Peter Jackson made the mistake of adapting these movies to three instead of 2.

The Desolation of Smaug 

The second film in the Hobbit trilogy is by far the best and arguably one of the most entertaining of the entire series. The pace is greatly boosted by the last movie but it never nears the climax of The Lord of the Rings movie, although it’s a great watch with the iconic Smaug on the front. 

The Battle of the Five Armies

This movie leads The Hobbit Trilogy to a sure conclusion, but the series appears to be a fizzling down rather than a going out with a bang. The movie-centric battles are sometimes upstream and don’t reach the dramatic scale we expected, but as the last two movies continue, it works pretty well and we have some great scenes.

Lord of the Rings chronological watch order

If you want to watch movies in chronological order, this is the way to go. There are several advantages to doing this. For example, Bilbo’s role in Friendship is more touching after witnessing his adventures before. Gaining a deeper understanding of Middle-earth mythology and folklore will make this a little easier. It will help you to keep track of everything at the start of Frodo’s journey. 

Not only that, the Hobbit movie is generally considered to be less good than the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Even though we like it, it can seem quite slow. Looking at it that way, it will first get out of the way. If you have all the movies to watch, this is how we want to watch them. What you really miss are some hilarious Easter eggs for future movies that don’t really affect the overall enjoyment, especially if you watch them all together.

  • An Unexpected Journey
  • The Desolation of Smaug
  • The Battle of the Five Armies
  • The Fellowship of the Ring
  • The Two Towers
  • The Return of the King


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