The Batman: First Reviews Are Out! Here’s What To Know

The Batman: First Reviews Are Out! Here’s What To Know

The Matt Reeves film will give a new approach to the well-known story and could change everything known about the character.

The movie “The Batman” may be one of the most anticipated superhero premieres of the next few years. The film with Robert Pattinson at the head will tell a new version of Gotham’s overcast, and although this seems complex since it has been explored on many occasions, it appears that it will not be like anything that has been seen. The first reactions of the film have already arrived, and they promise something unique.

The Matt Reeves film based on the character created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane will arrive in March next year, and a new trailer is expected to arrive at the DC Fandom event in the middle of this month. But in the meantime, some comments about the film have already transcended, and they assure that it does not resemble any known version, that it is closer to terror than anything else.

Although none of this was confirmed by official sources, the theory that “The Batman” will be a horror movie is increasingly sounding. The first reactions of the film ensure that not only the character of Pattinson is perfect for this, but it also helps the large number of villains that will be part of this story. Also, if a fictional city lends itself to that narrative, it is the dark and humid Gotham.

But while the Dark Knight will be the protagonist, the first comments of “The Batman” confirm that the best of the film is Paul Dano’s Riddler. The character is usually taken for the more comical or satirical side. Still, the truth is that Batman lends itself to a dark interpretation, and by doing so, Matt Reeves could differentiate himself from all the films that preceded him and leave his mark on the character. 

The Strategy To Avoid Comparisons

According to reports from CinemaCon, where an exclusive preview of “The Batman” could be seen, this version is nothing like the previous ones but for a particular reason. If there is one thing that has been repeated too many times, it is the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne in Crime Alley, always to show Bruce’s trauma and how he comes to be the overcast. Now, Reeves would have made the best decision, which would not be part of his tape.


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