Twilight: When Is The New Movie Releasing?

Twilight: When Is The New Movie Releasing?

Twilight: When Is The New Movie Releasing?

“Twilight” should get a sequel. Stephenie Meyer has two more books planned. We’ll tell you what it’s about and when the new parts should appear here. 

“Twilight”: Two New Parts Are Planned

Fans have been hoping for a sequel to the “Twilight” series for years. Especially after the new book “Midnight Sun” told the story from Edward’s perspective, many have wondered when the new “Twilight” movie will finally come out. New films are currently not planned, but there is good news for fans of the books. Stephenie Meyer announced two new parts of the “Twilight” series in August 2020, and we will tell you what is planned.

“Twilight”: What Is The Sequel About? 

The new “Twilight” books are supposed to be a kind of sequel to “Breaking Dawn”, the last part of the book series. Edward and Bella received their daughter Renesmee there, and Jacob made his mark on her. On her official website, Stephenie Meyer revealed what awaits us in the new “Twilight” parts: 

The story will continue to revolve around the same characters, but now with Renesmee and Leah Clearwater (the only known werewolf woman, older sister of Seth Clearwater) as narrators to tell a vampire and a werewolf side of the story again.

The whole thing should then take place five, ten, or even fifteen years after “Breaking Dawn” events. It all depends on when the author manages. 

When Will The New “Twilight” Parts Appear? 

Stephenie Meyer has not yet revealed an official release date for the “Twilight” sequels. In return, she said that she would like to work on a brand new book first. Meyer is known for taking the time to read her novels, which is why it isn’t easy to give an estimate. However, we will keep you up to date and immediately tell you if there is a potential date or news about the new “Twilight” books. 

Robert Pattinson On Twilight: “Now It’s Retro”

The actor hated the films and always showed it clearly in public. In an interview, Robert Pattinson once said that he was mentally stuck while filming. Oh! It is all the more surprising that you can now hear completely different tones from the former swarm of girls. Because recently, he spoke of “warm memories” in an interview with USA Today. What just happened there?

“I think it was only terrifying as long as the hype was so intense,” said the 32-year-old. “There are always people who are annoyed by such massive phenomena because it haunts you everywhere. But now there is a second wave of young people who appreciate films. That’s pretty cool.” Wow, it sounds like Robert Pattinson had a stark change of heart. Today he finds Twilight, the soundtrack and the fashion “retro” and typical for the “2000s”.


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