He’s All That 2: Is A Sequel Coming Anytime Soon?

He's All That 2: Is A Sequel Coming Anytime Soon?

He’s All That 2: Is A Sequel Coming Anytime Soon?

TikTok star Addison Rae had to put up with a lot of criticism even before the first film’s release with her in the lead role, “He’s All That”. After the first trailer, a star even cursed her for her acting skills. Not cool. She took her first role very seriously, probably also because of the numerous critics, and prepared it long and extensively. 

So that it wouldn’t get weird on the set; for example, Rae and Tanner Buchanan practiced the kissing scenes privately. That’s time, we would say. At least as far as the streaming numbers are concerned, the success now seems to prove the young actress and musician right. “He’s All That” is a pretty massive hit on Netflix. And we know what blatant successes lead to a sequel. Are they also in this case?

Is Netflix Planning A Sequel?

“He’s All That” is the remake of a remake. Yes, we are that far now; Hollywood can hardly think of anything anymore. It’s the third remake. It all started with the play “Pygmalion” in 1913. The play became a musical, the musical was filmed in 1964, and in 1999 another remake was released in cinemas. The gender roles were still swapped at that time, and the “cool guy” wanted to make the “wallflower” the queen of the ball. 

All previous versions of “He’s All That” have in common that they are single films. So there was no continuation here in any case. But is that reason enough for Netflix to leave the movie “He’s All That” as a single project? A current third part of a successful film series on Netflix shows that there is another way.

He’s All That 2: What Is Known So Far?

Sure, the story is told with “He’s All That”, but that wouldn’t be the first time that you haven’t squeezed a bit more plot (and money) out of a successful film. “The Kissing Booth” was a hugely successful film series on Netflix, and when the first part was released as a film on the streaming service, there was nothing more than a book. 

But the film’s success was reason enough for the author of the book to do it again. Now fans can look forward to three “The Kissing Booth” films and only the fans. Critics hate the film series. By the way, it doesn’t look any different with “He’s All That”. So who knows, maybe we can look forward to a sequel starring Addison Rae in the near future.


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