The Suicide Squad: DC’s Most Successful Movie On HBO Max

The Suicide Squad: DC’s Most Successful Movie On HBO Max

The Suicide Squad was released on August 6 on theatres and HBO Max. The movie was not successful at the box office as was expected, but it has undoubtedly boomed at the streaming platform. The latest report surpassed Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Wonder Woman 1984 in viewership records as per the latest report. 

Hence, the film directed by James Gunn has become the most DCEU film that has been released during the pandemic. The Suicide Squad broke HBO Max viewership records by registering over 4.7 million households watching the movie in the first three weeks of its release. On the other hand, Snyder Cut had 3.4 million households, and Wonder Woman 1984 reached 3.9 million households.

The Suicide Squad: How Much Did The Movie Make At Box Office?

As we mentioned earlier, The Suicide Squad did not perform well at the box office, mainly due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions and risks. The movie has raised a total of $142 Million on the box office so far. The portal Box Office Mojo reports that the film’s budget was $185 million and gross only $50 Million in the US. Though the fans and critics highly appreciated the movie, watching from home during the pandemic can be labelled as to why it did not perform that well in the theatres. 

HBO Max: What’s The Most Watched Movie Till The Date?

As of the time of writing this article, Mortal Kombat has been the movie with the most viewership, as it holds the record for 5.5 million households to date. 

Furthermore, Godzilla VS Kong is in second place with 5.1 million households. This secures third place for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. The information about movie’s earnings through the streaming platform is yet to be revealed. 

Suicide Squad: John Cena’s DCEU Debut

John Cena debuted in DCEU as Christopher Smith, aka The Peacemaker, a weapon master and kills people to keep the peace around. The super soldier was described as “world’s biggest jerk” by James Gunn. 

The fun part is that Cena was meant to eat patties in one of the scenes, but what happened next was too fun to know.

“There was a day when we filmed on a rooftop, where we were all eating. I had to eat an empanada. I took it upon myself to try and eat the entire empanada in one perfect shot, thinking it would look great, but it was also a tricky shot for James. 31 empanadas later, Jesus, we got it right. ” said the actor describing the scene. 


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