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The Hulu platform might not be the biggest streaming service, but it has a list of dedicated shows that are worth watching. The service has a deal with FX to stream FX’s shows, which has given Hulu subscribers access to a number of series.

Also, Hulu has its own original shows that have gotten a lot of praise from critics. Rotten Tomatoes scores show how good the shows on the platform are, and the best ones to watch are the ones with the highest ratings. All of them are in different styles, which is interesting, so you can find a lot of different things.

1. Only Murders In The Building (2021)

This mystery-comedy series is about three neighbours who don’t believe that someone in their building killed them. It stars A-list actors Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez.

Top 10 Series on Hulu

The three of them start a podcast where they talk about their investigations, but it gets them into trouble. People have said that the show is funny even though it’s about a dark subject.

This is mostly because of the funny duo of Short and Martin, who are well balanced by Gomez. Its style is such that each episode ends with a big hook that makes people want to watch the whole thing in one sitting.

2. Reservation Dogs (2021)

This teen comedy-drama was made by Taika Waititi. It is about four people who become vigilantes and want to move to California. It’s the first show where all of the main characters are Native Americans and most of the people who work on the show are Native Americans.

Top 10 Series on Hulu

The way the teenagers act is a funny jab at Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino, but the show is mostly about how they try to break away from the rules of their community to reach higher goals. It’s been praised by critics for how it shows teen problems in both dramatic and funny ways.


3. Justified (2010-15)

Rayland Givens, played by Timothy Olyphant, is a US Marshall who does things his own way, which gets him in trouble with the law he is supposed to uphold. Most of the series is about Given’s adventures in Harlan County and how his old-west ideas clash with modern ones.

Top 10 Series on Hulu

The story isn’t very complicated, but the best thing about the show is how Olyphant plays the main character. Rayland Givens seems like his own person, and the audience is encouraged to follow this messed-up, rough, but ultimately good-hearted main character who feels out of place in the world.

4. What We Do In The Shadows (2019)

What We Do in the Shadows is based on Taika Waititi’s comedy film of the same name. It has a few things to do with vampires, but the comedy is what makes it stand out. In the style of a mockumentary, it tries to make sense of the problems vampires face in New York City today.

Top 10 Series on Hulu

The main characters are all played by comedians, so it’s easy to laugh at how silly the premise is and at the awkward comedy that follows. Waititi has shown up as the character he played in the movie, and other guest stars like Dave Bautista have also joined in the fun.

5. Better Things (2016-22)

This show is one of the ones that will end in 2022. It’s about a divorced mom with three daughters who is also an actress. The main conflict is that the main character has to deal with both her personal life and her dangerous job.

Top 10 Series on Hulu

The outline is made more interesting by the fact that each daughter has her own habits and personality, which means that each of them needs a different kind of parenting. Now is the best time to find out why critics love the show so much by watching it from the beginning to the end.

6. Atlanta (2016)

This show is about a man who manages his cousin’s growing career as a rapper. It is led by Donald Glover and is full of strange moments. LaKeith Stanfield and Bryan Tyree Henry, among others, got their big breaks because of the show.

Top 10 Series on Hulu

It’s marketed as a comedy, but there’s more drama than comedy because the main character is trying to make up with his child and win back his ex-girlfriend. The show moves very slowly when it comes to telling a story, but that lets the cast get to know each other better.

7. PEN15 (2019-21)

The idea behind this show is pretty strange since it stars women in their thirties who play 13-year-old girls. It’s based on the real-life experiences of the people who made it when they were teenagers.

Top 10 Series on Hulu

For example, they play outcasts in a school full of 13-year-olds. The outline is supposed to be strange because the point of the show is to show cringe comedy that people can still understand.

The show has been a big hit with critics and has been nominated for Primetime Emmys every time it has been eligible. This is mostly because it does a good job of getting people to suspend their disbelief and get into the story.

8. Harlots (2017)

As the name of the series suggests, the story is about a group of women who live in a brothel and are taken care of by their “mother.” Set in the 1760s, it shows how women didn’t have many options back then and how the characters try to make a living by serving wealthy people.

Top 10 Series on Hulu

Even though the premise sounds dark and interesting, the show is mostly about how the characters connect with each other. It’s a play about how some people were treated at the time and how the rich and wealthy weren’t much better than the people they looked down on.

9. National Treasure (2016)

In National Treasure, Robbie Coltrane plays Paul Finchley, a famous comedian from the 1980s and 1990s who has fallen from grace. Finchley is accused of assaulting several young women, and the show looks into what happened and what happened because of the accusations.

Top 10 Series on Hulu

At a time when the topic is very important, it’s worth watching the show to see how predators can take advantage of innocent people and why it’s so important to stop them. People like the show because it shows how these cases affect the people around the accused.


10. Mrs. America (2020)

This series is a dramatisation of the real-life movement to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. It has a large ensemble cast, including Cate Blanchett, Uzo Aduba, Rose Byrne, Sarah Paulson, and others.

Top 10 Series on Hulu

Blanchett’s character is the main source of conflict because she is against the movement. Blanchett and Aduba are the standouts of the series, and reviews have pointed out how well they play their roles.

Even though the show is aimed at a certain age group, it’s still worth watching to see so many A-list stars together, who make even the most serious themes interesting to watch.

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