Fix Exam Time Brain Fog With Tea + Other Home Remedies

Stress and exams are unavoidable aspects of academic life. Many times, you find yourself unable to focus or concentrate. Your brain may be foggy, or you’re just panicking. To perform better during this stressful time of year, you might find it helpful to learn more about what brain fog is and how to balance it.

What is Brain Fog?

According to health experts, brain fog is a symptom rather than an actual medical condition. It is a type of cognitive impairment. The feeling that your brain isn’t functioning properly can be referred to as brain fog. It may be challenging to see what is going on around you because it may seem as though the world is out of focus. Working, studying, and indulging in your hobbies might be challenging. Life can become difficult if you only see the fog inside your head.Fix Exam Time Brain Fog With Tea + Other Home Remedies

Your mental fog may be a medication side effect. Consult your physician if you have any suspicions. Even if your medication is not the issue, your mental fog may be brought on by a lack of equilibrium within yourself. To clear the fog, you can take care of yourself at home. Rest well. Get the right nutrition. Control your stress. Get adequate exercise. Additionally, you can drink tea.

How to Use Tea to Relieve Brain Fog

Tea is a great way to nourish your brain because it has many advantages for this vital organ. Learn how to treat brain fog with tea.

You consume some caffeine when you drink tea. This stimulant activates your nervous system and stimulates your body and brain. Tea also contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which has the same cognitive stimulating effects as caffeine alone.

Unlike many nutrients, L-theanine can cross the blood-brain barrier and enter the body through the intestines, allowing absorption into the brain. As L-theanine enters the brain, astrocytes eat it and convert it to the chemical GABA. The chemical GABA is essential for the brain’s ability to unwind. Just enough L-theanine is present to aid in mental relaxation, and the tea’s caffeine stimulates your brain.

Brain fog relief with Green, Purple, and White tea

Along with other catechins and polyphenols, these teas have incredibly high concentrations of EGCG. According to research, it may improve neurological cell function and possibly prevent degenerative brain disorders. Green, white, and purple teas are among the teas with high EGCG content.

How to use Titanium Tea to eliminate brain fog

Tim Ferris, a well-known author and podcaster, created a special tea blend called Titanium Tea that combined the benefits of various teas to mimic the effects of an energy time-release capsule. The tea is made up of one teaspoon each of dragon well green tea, pu-erh aged black tea, and turmeric and ginger shavings. In addition, he mixes in coconut oil or Quest MCT oil powder, followed by a glass of ice-cold water. Both Pu-erh tea and Dragon Well green tea help people think clearly and stay alert mentally.

Green Tea for Brain Fog Relief

Caffeine, the substance known to improve focus, is also present in green tea. Additionally, it includes polyphenols, which, according to studies, may have neuroprotective properties and prevent dementia.

You can find all these teas at your local supermarket, like a Publix or Aldi. Currently on special in the Aldi weekly ad are the Benner Black Tea Ice Tea bottles at 5.19 for a six-pack. Etsy also provides a wide range of teas that you can try, depending on your budget.

Other Home Remedies for Brain Fog

Brain Fog Relief With Ginger

For a good reason, ginger has been used medicinally in Asian cultures for thousands of years. This spice’s potential as a medicine is gaining acceptance in modern science. Ginger is frequently used to promote blood flow and fight infections. The most recent research, however, adds to this body of knowledge; that ginger may help with Alzheimer’s disease and brain function. Recent research has indicated that ginger may improve participants’ working memory and reaction time.

Brain Fog Treatment With Turmeric

Similar to ginger, turmeric has long been consumed and used medicinally in other countries. Additionally, turmeric is starting to develop a reputation for having medicinal qualities, much like ginger did. The most recent research on this spice indicates that turmeric increases brain function by instructing the brain to produce more BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor), a hormone that instructs the brain to function at higher levels. While the physical health benefits of this spice are well known, it is less well known that turmeric also improves mental function.


Your health is dependent on your sleep, diet, and exercise. Although feeling stressed is common and normal, it is unhealthy to constantly feel stressed. Stressful surroundings can cause brain fog and seriously harm your health and wellbeing. Brain fog can be lessened with mindfulness. Drink tea, add a bit of ginger and turmeric, and stimulate your brain to better health and focus.

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