Vanguard Season 4 Release Date: Is There a Season 4 Roadmap?

All the information you need to know about the Season 4 release date and the Season 4 roadmap for Vanguard: Warzone has been provided by Activision.

Fortune’s Keep, a new map, and the Resurgence mode for the battle royale game Warzone will be available on June 22nd, when the next season of content becomes available. Caldera’s map is also being updated, with Storage Town coming back and micro points being added.

In addition to the standard game modes, such as Golden Plunder, Rebirth of the Dead, and Titanium Trials: Endurance, you also have access to new items such as armored SUVs, and portable redeployments, automated teller machines, and the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) grenade.

You may be interested in learning the release date for Season 4 of Call of Warzone. Take a look here, soldier.

Vanguard Season 4

Vanguard Zombies Introduces the Round-based Shi No Numa

The traditional round-based map that Zombies players have been requesting for Vanguard is finally arriving in Season 4 in the form of a remake of World at War’s Shi No Numa.

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This remaster of the map will feature “new content, including a brand-new Main Quest and Side Quests, an all-new explorable area, a brand-new Wonder Weapon Quest, the return of the classic Flogger trap and Electro-Shock Defenses, updated Easter Eggs, fresh Pack-a-Punch Camo designs, and an all-new Dark Aether narrative for the map.”

Shi No Numa will be available for the Season 4 release, which begins on June 22nd, according to Treyarch.

New Weapons for Season 4 of Vanguard

When Season 4 of Vanguard begins, players will be able to use their Battle Pass to acquire the Marco 5 SMG and UGM-8 LMG. This is Vanguard’s fourth SMG and second LMG after the game’s initial release.

Both the Push Dagger, a new melee weapon, and the Vargo-S Assault Rifle, a new ranged weapon, will be made available to players at some point during Season 4.

  • Marco 5 (SMG)
  • UGM-8 (LMG)
  • The Variables of Vargo S (Assault Rifle launching in season)
  • Throw the Knife (in Season)

Vanguard Season 4

The Vanguard Season 4 Blueprint Gun Game Mode

Blueprint Gun Game, a fan favorite from previous Vanguard seasons, is coming with Season 4. Players compete against one another in a deathmatch using 18 unique Blueprint weapons.

Standard procedure dictates that killing an enemy with one weapon unlocks the nextThe Vanguard Season 4 Blueprint Gun Game Mode while killing an enemy with melee forces them to drop that weapon and start over.

You’ll need to show your mettle with a wide variety of weapons, as Killstreaks, Perks, and Loadouts are all disabled in this mode.

Updates for Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 4

Since the Vanguard Season 4 Update has not yet been released, the full patch notes are currently unavailable to fans.

The patch notes for the upcoming Vanguard Season 4 Update have yet been announced, but once they are, they will be made available here.

Vanguard Season 4

Operators for the Fourth Season of Vanguard

In Season 4 of Vanguard, we meet Task Force Immortal, led by Captain Butcher and including Callum Hendry and Ikenna Olowe. Callum Hendry is the newest member of Butcher’s British Special Forces team.

Meanwhile, Ikenna Olowe is a brilliant Nigerian strategist. He is a skilled fighter and the battlefield engineer for Task Force Immortal. While Season 4 will begin with Butcher already present, Hendry and Ikenna will not be made available until much later.

New Season 4 Maps for Vanguard!

For those familiar with the Vanguard series, the USS Texas will look very familiar. Season 4 of Vanguard will feature a new multiplayer map called Desolation, set in World War II, which will be released at a later date.

Vanguard Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune Roadmap

With the release of Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune on June 22nd, players will have access to several new maps, including Fortune’s Keep for Warzone, USS Texas 1945 for Vanguard Multiplayer, and Shi No Numa for the classic round-based Zombies mode.

Six new features, including the EMP grenade, armored SUVs, ATMs, and much more, will be added to Warzone this season, making it one of the most exciting times to play the game so far.

View the Season 4 roadmap below to learn about the upcoming free content update for Warzone and Vanguard. See the official Call of Duty blog post for a full rundown of the new season.

Vanguard Season 4

When Can We Expect to See the Fourth Season of Vanguard?

Traditionally, seasonal Call of Duty content is released over the course of two days, with the mainline entry receiving its update one day before Warzone.

However, on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, at Noon Eastern, players on all platforms will be able to download the latest updates for both Vanguard and Warzone as they enter Season 4. It’s great that this update is available in both games, but it’s not clear why the rollout was altered.

  • Season 3:  27th April 2022
  • Season 2: March 22, 2022
  • Season 1: 8th December 2021

Is there a trailer for Vanguard Season 4?

Here’s the Season 4 Vanguard Season 4 teaser trailer! It’s over a minute long, and it shows off things like the return of the Shi No Numa Zombies stage, the new Warzone Fortune’s Keep map, and some of the new Operators that will be available with the release of Season 4.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Will the Fourth Season of Vanguard Be Available to Watch?

Check out the new season’s offerings, including two bundles designed to complement the new Battle Pass. It’s impossible to have enough. With the release of Mercenaries of Fortune on June 22nd, the fourth season of Call of Duty: Vanguard and WarzoneTM, only the most skilled Operators will emerge victorious.

Where Can I Find a Season 4 Roadmap for Vanguard?

Reference to Call of Duty’s USS Texas Season 4 of Vanguard will feature a new multiplayer map called Desolation, set in World War II, which will be released at a later date.

Is the Season 3 Update to Vanguard Significant?

If a lot of new content is added, the update could take up a lot of space, as previous updates have done. The most up-to-date details will be posted here as soon as they become available.

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