The Top Mobile Video Games of 2022!

At the best of times, compiling a definitive list of the best mobile games is difficult – some would say foolish – task. We’re talking about a process that spans more than a decade and includes hundreds of thousands of games distributed across iOS and Android.

So we’ve decided to start with a simple, if slightly bizarre, premise. Which of the best mobile games would you encourage an alien to install first if it landed tomorrow and asked for a crash course in gaming?

We’re not looking for obscure gems or even run-away hits with such an unusual filter applied. We’re looking at genre-defining games that have contributed significantly to the history of smartphone gaming. A veritable App Store and Google Play greatest hits collection.

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All we require is that the game is still active and enjoyable to play today. We’ll also only include one game per series, so we’ll generally (but not always) go with the first entry rather than the best.

The Best Phone Games

We’re starting with a small list, but we’ll be expanding it over the coming months – and possibly removing one or two entries as they’re supplanted or lose the ongoing support of their developers. However, these 15 games are an excellent place to begin any mobile game collection.

Play Raid: Shadow Legends for Free

It’s easy for seasoned gamers to be suspicious of gacha RPGs. However, a startling number of people appear to play them, and Raid: Shadow Legends is the 800-pound gorilla of this much-loved and despised sub-genre. You can’t just ignore it.

Who is the most famous legend? Check out our Raid: Shadow Legends tier list to find out.

It’s difficult to ignore a game that looks this good, with stunning 3D graphics and screen-filling pyrotechnics accompanying every PVE campaign mission or PVP Arena battle.

Play Genshin Impact for Free

Genshin Impact openly acknowledges its The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild influence, with a familiar anime-inflected fantasy world and action-RPG mechanics.

Who is the most talented? Check out our list of Genshin Impact tiers.

However, you’ll forgive the obvious homage act because it nails the formula so well, and it does so in the form of a free-to-play mobile game. That is quite remarkable.

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Elvenar Free Play

Looking for a new free-to-play game to pass the time during your commute? Are you a fan of strategy and city-building? Well, Elvenar is going to be a hit with you. In this fantasy game, you’re in charge of growing a slew of lovely cities that all fit into a lovely fantasy aesthetic.

You have three main goals: the first is to complete an infinite number of quests that are assigned to you. Some of these advance the story of the game, while others are more generic, looping tasks.

You can also invest time in research to help you improve your cities and buildings, allowing you to better gather resources. Meanwhile, if you concentrate on exploration, you’ll be able to spread your beautiful cities across the world map.

Forge of Empires

This free-to-play mobile strategy game delivers on multiple levels. First and foremost, you gain the satisfaction of creating your own settlement, which you can build and develop as you see fit, using the resources you collect to invest in various types of research.

Then there’s the fact that it travels through multiple real-world eras of history before entering the science fiction realms of the future. On top of that, you’ll be able to engage in turn-based strategy battles against other nations.

Forge of Empires Strategy Military Turn-Based Game is available for free.

Forge of Empires contains a wealth of fantastic content, and it’s one of those games that you’ll easily spend hundreds of hours with if you return to it on a daily basis. It’s addictive in every way, and it’s a must-play for fans of strategy or history.

Forge of Empires is a free-to-play strategy game.

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Rise of Cultures

Rise of Cultures Strategy MMO Military is a free-to-play strategy MMO.

Rise of Cultures, like Elvenar and Forge of Empires before it, is a game about building a civilization that grows and expands throughout different eras of history (Innogames are good at that), but this one takes a more human-centered approach.

You can not only choose which cultures to cultivate in your civilization, but you can also take direct control of individual workers, giving them the most productive work schedules possible (including rest time), and deploying them to improve your city as you see fit.

Rise of Cultures is available for free on iOS & Android.

The Sunrise Village

Remember how we said we were going to concentrate on games by other developers? So, guess what? We lied. Actually, we added the first three Innogames releases before discovering Sunrise Village, and we now believe it deserves a spot on this list. It’s certainly not like the strategy games we’ve discussed so far.

In Sunrise Village, you play as someone who is leaving behind the stressful city life to live a simpler life on a farm in Sunrise Village. You gather crops and resources to fulfill orders, and when you buy new buildings and items to expand your farm. It’s a very relaxing game that could easily become a part of your daily routine.

Sunrise Village is a free iOS & Android game.

June’s Travels

Do you enjoy a good murder mystery? Do you want to build your own country estate? These are both important aspects of the game June’s Journey. In this game, you play as June Parker, who is investigating the murder of her sister and her sister’s husband, which is reminiscent of Agatha Christie.

The game is free to play and has you searching for hidden objects in various locations. You must look for specific items in order to learn more about what happened to your sister. A lot of work has gone into crafting a truly gripping storyline, and the gameplay is simple enough for anyone to enjoy – but in order to unlock more items for your estate and progress the story, you must be quick when looking for those clues.

June’s Journey is a free game.

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Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles might not be the first thing that comes to mind when asked to name your favorite mobile games, but that’s the beauty of mobile gaming – it encompasses almost everything, including casual games like Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles, and this is one of the best of its kind.

We suspect that this game doesn’t require much explanation – it’s exactly what it says: a daily crossword puzzle app. You can spend in-game coins to play more puzzles, and you can watch advertisements to gain clues (if that’s not considered cheating). It has a really nice interface and would be a great choice for a word game to play on your commute.

On iOS, you can play Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles for free.

Play Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles for free on Android.

Seven Outstanding

Do you enjoy watching anime? Is there anything more exciting than the random excitement of a gacha game? In that case, we recommend that you try Epic Seven. This free-to-play game is all about assembling a team of heroes and then leading them through turn-based RPG battles as the story progresses.

You really get a sense of the game’s large cast of characters through the writing, and the gacha gameplay means that you’ll likely grow attached to a different set of characters than another player. Add to that the fact that it has some really well-done anime cutscenes, and you have an experience that is both engaging and addictive.

In the mobile game Rush Royale, a battle is taking place.

Tower Defense Td Rush Royale

If you enjoy a good tower defense game, you should definitely give Rush Royale a shot. It takes a familiar formula and adds a lot of nuance and complexity to it. You must assemble a team of wizards and warriors to defeat the enemy hordes, unlocking new units as you go. You can cultivate your own strategy by selecting a different set of characters to make up your team, but be warned: you may have to modify it as you go to meet new challenges.

The more you play, the more units you unlock, and eventually, you’ll have identical units. You can create a stronger unit by merging them, but you must be cautious and ensure that you have developed each unit as much as possible before attempting to merge them. It’s up to you how you improve your loadout, but cultivating your team and using them to win level after the level is a lot of fun – you can even battle other players in the game’s PvP mode.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which game was the most downloaded in 2022?

Garena Free Fire

Free Fire also surpassed 150 million daily active users in August of 2021. With over 24 million downloads so far in 2022, it is the most downloaded game in the world.

Which mobile game is the most popular worldwide?

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile. PUBG is one of the most downloaded games in the mobile gaming industry, where the game has been downloaded a large number of times. There are millions of users on its platform.

What is the world’s most popular online game in 2022?

PUBG. Without a doubt, this is the most popular online game in 2022. PUBG has engulfed the internet like a wildfire, and with each passing day, it continues to attract the anticipated number of players. Actually, PUBG is based on the H1Z1 and armor game modes.

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