Season 13 Patch Notes: Release, First Look and Everything You Need to Know!

The patch notes for Apex Legends Season 13 have been posted by Respawn Entertainment, and there are numerous interesting changes coming this season.

Major nerfs for both the Spitfire and legendary with the Fortified passive ability, which decreases the defensive capability of heroes like Gibraltar, are among the most significant upcoming adjustments.

Season 13 Patch Notes
Season 13 Patch Notes: Release, First Look and Everything You Need to Know!

Other legends are being adjusted as well: Valkyrie will no longer be able to evade bullets with her upward dive, while Rampart’s tactical and ultimate skills are also being improved. Continue reading for a comprehensive list of the changes coming to the free-to-play battle royale when Season 13: Saviors releases on May 10.

Legends and Weapons

The Spitfire is leaving the Care Packages, and it will lose its barrel mod slot, as well as reduced damage and increased reload time, among other substantial nerfs.

The Devotion will receive a similar treatment, but not as severe—damage will be reduced somewhat, and drawing and holstering the weapon will take longer. The Kraber’s power will also be lowered slightly: its headshot multiplier will be reduced from 3 to 2, and damage will be reduced by 5 points.

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Rampart’s Amped Cover ability provides greater shield health and reduces the time it takes to deploy one. Shila’s ultimate ability has also been improved; her spin-up time has been lowered by 0.5 seconds. Valkyrie will also undergo some adjustments.

Valkyrie will no longer be able to spin freely while using her Skyward Dive ability once Season 13 goes live, an exploit that frequently leads to frustration in the final ring, where Valkyrie players will sometimes activate her ultimate ability and spin as they ascend into the sky, allowing Valkyrie to dodge bullets with ease.

Season 13 Patch Notes

Legends with the Fortified passive will no longer have their helmets fortified, making headshots more effective. But all is not lost: Rare and Epic helmets will receive a buff that increases headshot damage protection by 10 points (Rare helmets) and 15 points (Epic helmets) (Epic helmets).

Out of Bounds

Legends who are in “out of bounds” sections of the map will lose the ability to perform their abilities, including passives. “Out of bounds” areas are areas of the map that will trigger a timer and kill players who do not return to the intended gameplay area in a timely manner, and once Season 13 begins.

They will be unable to use any weapons, abilities, healing items, or survival items, effectively removing the opportunity for players to exploit the timer and take advantage of out of bounds parts of the map.

Maps and Loot

The Longbow and Flatline have returned to the ground loot pool, with the Rampage and R-301 taking their place in the Replicator. The Spitfire will be taken from the Care Package, and the Mastiff shotgun will be returned to the loot box pool, as previously stated.

The Volt appears to be returning to the Care Package for another season. Storm Point, Olympus, and World’s Edge will be in rotation during Season 13, and the developers have also said

Skins of Legends

The battle pass clip shows off both Legendary and Epic-tier legend skins. Two Legendary character cosmetics are included in the Saviors battle pass: Bloodhound’s “Feral’s Future” skin and Fuse’s “Sir Fitzroy” skin.

Season 13 Patch Notes

Season 13’s battle pass also includes the Epic-tier “Firewall” skin for Newcastle, the season’s first legend, as well as Epic skins for Crypto, Mad Maggie, and Pathfinder.

Skins for Weapons

As in past seasons, new skins are being added to different weapons, including two reactive Spitfire skins called “Molten Soul” and “Winter Soul,” which players will obtain after clearing levels 100 and 110 of the Season 13 battle pass.

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Map Modifications and Abilities

The trailer shows the Downed Beast, a new POI that appeared on the Stormpoint map after the legends killed it in Season 13’s launch trailer, as well as several loot vaults in the form of IMC armouries, which are full of hostile robots but will reward players who are brave and skilled enough to face off with the robotic NPCs.

Newcastle’s passive and ultimate abilities, which let him take downed teammates to safety with his knockdown shield, and form a large wall to give protection for team members in tricky circumstances, were also shown in the battle pass video.

When Season 13 begins on Tuesday, May 10, gamers will be able to acquire the Saviors battle pass for 950 Apex Coins in order to completely discover the mysteries concealed inside it.

Apex Season 13 Includes Bug Patches and Other Enhancements.

The Saviors update will bring a slew of bug fixes to the game. Among these is a patch for controller players receiving aim assist on adversaries they can’t see through Bangalore’s smoke, and a fix for Valkyrie being unable to utilise jump towers in situations when she has previously been shot down during her Skyward Dive ultimate.

Season 13 Patch Notes

Players will also be glad to learn that if they open their inventory during the animation for joining the replicator system, they will no longer be eternally locked at crafting stations.

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Finally, some minor problems are fixed in season 13, such as purple shields visible outside of loot bins, Crypto’s heirloom becoming trapped in his body, and Fuse’s ultimate range being expanded while targeting flying targets like Crypto’s drone.

Release Date

Respawn has released the patch notes for Apex Legends Season 13 ahead of its launch on May 10 2022.

Apex Season 13 First Look

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