Free Spins: What Is It And How Can a Player Use It?

Online casinos offer several features that you do not usually get with brick-and-mortar casinos. One obvious advantage is the comfort; you get to play your favorite games right from your couch. But, even beyond that one advantage that you get is the exciting bonuses. Online casinos are always looking to attract new customers and one way to do that is by offering bonuses and promotions. The higher the bonus, more the chances of you winning.

One common type of casino bonus is free spins. Many online casinos give out free spins as welcome bonuses to new players who have just signed up with their platform. But, what are these free bonuses? And, how can you use them? We will discuss all such questions in this article. Keep on reading.

What Are Free Spins and How Do They Work?

Evident from the name, free spins are bonuses given out by casinos that allow you to wager without any money on casino games. This means that you can place a bet for spinning the reels completely free of cost. The free spins can be used until they are exhausted. For instance, if you have 80 free spins, you will get to spin the reels 80 times for free. If you do win, you will the money deposited in your account straight away.

Now, with free spins, the trick is that they can be of two types. They can either be used on all kinds of games or only on a specific game. With the former kind, you get more flexibility. You can choose any game of your liking and play accordingly. However, with the second kind, you get a better chance of winning since the type of game is predetermined.

How to Get Free Spins Bonuses?

If you wish to get free spins, you will have to look for an online casino that will offer you fair bonuses. Usually, several online casinos give you free spins when you register an account on their platform. They do this as a token of appreciation and to form a bond with you. Apart from this, you can also get free spins throughout the year since establishments are always offering bonuses to patrons to retain them. Free spins bonuses allow players the chance to win substantial amounts without putting up any of their own money. However, there is obviously no guarantee that you will win.

Kinds of Free Spins

The kind of bonus you will get actually depends on the online casino you have chosen. Free spins can be of several types. Let us see what they are:

No-Deposit Free Spins: As the name suggests, you don’t need to make any deposit to get free spins. You will get these spins without putting any money in your account. Such bonuses allow you to try out a game without fully committing to it. But, the thing is that, not many casinos offer these kinds of bonuses.

Deposit Free Spins: These free spins are pretty common and are given out by several casinos. To get these types of free spins, you must make a small deposit first.

Wager-Free Free Spins: Wager-Free Free Spins are not a very common type of promotion given out by online casinos. With these kinds of bonuses, there is no wagering requirement. Whatever money you win, will be immediately deposited in your account, and you will be able to withdraw it without any problem.

What Factors Do You Need to Consider?

Obviously, you won’t get free spins without any conditions. Depending on the casino, there are different types of conditions that you need to keep in mind when availing of free spins. Let’s see what they are.

  • Time: Free Spins come with validity. You cannot keep on using them for a long time. Thus, use them up before you lose them.
  • The Allowed Slots: Bear in mind that you cannot use the free spins on all titles. As mentioned before, you can use certain free spins on only specific games. Thus, it is always recommended that you read the terms and conditions first.
  • Wagering Requirements: Most free spins come with wagering requirements. You need to wager your money a certain amount of times in order to qualify.
  • Bet Size: Free Spins usually come with a maximum bet. So, take that into consideration.

Things You Can Get Using Free Spins

Free spins can be exciting for players because they improve your chances of winning. But, what are the things you can win?

  • Jackpots: Jackpots are not easy to win but with the help of free spins, you can increase the duration of a game, thus bringing you closer to winning a hefty amount.
  • Prizes: Aside from jackpots, you can also win other prizes using free spins. The prices could be anything such as money or other bonuses.
  • Extra free spins: Online casinos often give out more free spins if users apply them on games. This is a special tactic to retain customers and keep them coming back for more. The more free spins you have, the more odds you will have of winning money.

Final Thoughts

Free Spins are a great way to increase your chances of winning big. At times, you don’t even have to spend any money to get these bonuses. Thus, sign up with the best casino online and get this kind of casino bonus. This was a small guide to acquaint you with how free spins work.


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