Rocket League Season 7: Release Date, Rocket Pass, Themes and Other Information!

Season 7 of Rocket League is coming soon, and it will be one of the biggest changes to the game ever. Even though most people won’t know why that change was made, it was because a well-known freestyler found that the ball moves faster up some corners than others.

Rocket League Season 7

There are, of course, a lot of changes that soccer players can expect, like a brand new Rocket Pass full of challenges and rewards in Season 7. If you want to know more, including when Season 7 will come out, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it.

When Does Season 7 of Rocket League Come Out?

Rocket League Season 6 has been going on since March, and we are now in the last few weeks of it. The season will end on June 15, the same day that Season 7 of Rocket League will start.


Keep in mind that there will be a game update on June 14 (4 PM PDT, 7 PM EST, 1 AM CEST), so if the servers are down, it’s because Psyonix is launching season 7 of the game.

As the end of the season draws near, don’t forget that you only have a short time left to earn the Season 6 Rewards and finish your Rocket Pass.

Rocket League: Theme for Season 7

Rocket League Season 7

Psyonix announced the release date for the next season and said that Season 7 will be all about luxury. I don’t want to get ahead of myself and give away what’s in the Rocket Pass (you’ll know what I meant when I said “luxury”), so just watch this video and move on to the next part.

The Seventh Season of Rocket League: Rocket Pass

Psyonix has shared some very interesting information about the Rocket Pass for Season 7. So far, they have confirmed the following:

  • Sushi Roller Wheels
  • Aquarium Player Banner
  • Carat Cutter Wheels
  • Marble Floor Decal
  • Kinda Big Deal Player Title
  • Maestro

The coolest thing about the Rocket Pass is, of course, the Maestro with its Dominus Hitbox. The car looks really cool and fits with the season 7 theme of luxury.

With a free track and a premium track that costs 1000 Credits ($10 or £8), there will be over 70 levels of rewards to unlock, including the new car for the season. Players can also get things like wheels, goal celebrations, decals, and more to change the way the game looks.

The premium Rocket Pass also comes with three more weekly challenges. These challenges give you XP that you can use to move up in the Rocket Pass, and they also give you items.

Rocket League Season 7 – Rewards

In season 7, Psyonix is adding “Golden Goods,” which is just a fancy way of saying “rewards.” The actual rewards are called Golden Painted Items. Golden Goods is just a general term for them.

Rocket League Season 7

They are hard to find and can only be found in Rocket Pass Pro Tiers (Tier 70). They go all the way up to Tier 150, so if you want those sweet Golden Painted Items, be ready to grind.

Also, there are new Tournament Rewards, which are:

  • Got Next Player Banner
  • Nunya: Roasted Wheels
  • Dunker Goal Explosion

Additionally, season 7 will also include:

  • Select Favorites 2 Series (blueprints)
  • Dueling Dragons Goal Explosions
  • Zomba Wheels
  • Interstellar Decal

Rocket League: New Custom Training for Season 7

Rocket League Season 7 changes how Custom Training works and adds some changes that the community has been wanting for a long time. For now, let’s just talk about the game’s looks, since Psyonix is still tinkering with them. Both the menu and the user interface should look a little bit better.

But it’s clear that these are not the most important changes. With the start of Rocket League Season 7, training packages and training progress will work differently. There are also changes to how you move from shot to shot.

Rocket League Season 7

PC players are crying tears of joy right now. If you want to learn more and see the full list of changes, you’ll probably need to read our in-depth article about it.

Rocket League Season 7: Changes to the Walls

A freestyler did some math and found that the ball rolls at different speeds on the walls of the game’s maps. This led to a big change for Season 7 of Rocket League. This was thought to be true, but it was never proven.

In October of last year, one player made a video to show the problem. And as we get ready for Season 7, the developers have confirmed that it is a bug and not a feature, and they are working to fix it before Season 7 comes out.

It goes without saying that the changes will change how the game is played, and you might have to spend some time getting used to the new way of doing things as your muscles learn the new moves.

Rocket League Arena Changes for Season 7

The Utopia Coliseum (Glidd) Arena is a small thing that fits with the theme of luxury. The marble floor screams “rich tit,” and I bet all the boys whose dads give them money to play this game are salivating right now.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does Rocket League Season 7 Begin?

Fans can look forward to a new Season 7 Rocket Pass, Tournament Rewards, and the premiere of the new Utopia Coliseum (Gilded) version on that day. The new Rocket League season will start on June 15 at 4 p.m., according to Psyonix. PT, which is early on the 16th in the UK.

What’s New in Season 7 of Rocket League?

First of all, the Rocket Pass for Season 7 is now live. The Rocket Pass comes with a brand-new car called the “Maestro.“The “Maestro” is a “Limited” vehicle with the “Gold” paint option, which fits with the theme of Season 7. Maestro has the same body type and hitbox as Dominus.

Where Can I Find the Rocket League File?

You can get Rocket League and play it for free on your PC at the Epic Games Store.

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