Warzone Season 4 Release Date: When Will It Release? Latest Updates 2022!

Seven months have passed since Warzone moved to the Pacific, and the fourth seasonal update is coming up soon. After Godzilla vs. Kong in Season 3, which was one of the biggest crossovers to date and got mixed reviews.

The next patch will try to keep players interested until Warzone 2 comes out. The game’s Pacific era is coming to an end quickly, with only a few months left until the change. No one knows yet how Caldera’s chapter will end.

Warzone Season 4 Release Date

But Season 4 is already being talked up as one of the most important updates so far. Here’s everything we know about Warzone Pacific Season 4, from when it’s likely to come out to a sneak peek at a full new map.

When Will Season 4 of Warzone Pacific Come Out?

Even though there isn’t a set date for Season 4 of Warzone Pacific just yet, we can make a good guess based on how things have been going lately. Season 3 started on April 27, and Season 3 Reloaded came out on May 25.


Since big changes happen every four weeks, we can be sure that Season 4 will come out on Wednesday, June 22.

In the gaming industry, however, nothing is really certain, so it’s important to keep in mind that delays that aren’t planned for could happen. Once we know for sure when it will come out, we’ll let you know here.

New Map for Season 4 of Warzone Pacific’s Fortune’s Keep

Season 4 will bring a completely new map to Warzone for only the fourth time in the game’s history. Fortune’s Keep was quickly shown to the public after several teasers on social media.

Warzone Season 4 Release Date

Even though we haven’t seen footage of the map in-game yet, Activision has already put together a full overhead view that shows all 12 POIs. At the moment, it’s not clear if Fortune’s Keep will join Caldera and Rebirth as the third map in rotation or if it will instead replace Rebirth.

It has been called a Resurgence map, and from above, it does look like it has a smaller layout, like Rebirth. But given how popular the current map is, it’s not clear if the developers would be brave enough to take Rebirth Island out of Warzone.

Warzone Pacific Season 4: Caldera Map Changes

At the moment, there aren’t many important facts about Warzone Pacific Season 4. Though the next set of changes to Caldera may be the most important piece of information we have.

Even though we don’t know exactly what will happen on the island yet, Raven Software recently told Dexerto’s sister site Charlie Intel that it looks like it will be a big deal.

Warzone Season 4 Release Date

Developers said that Season 4 will bring “one of the biggest changes Caldera has seen since launch.”This could mean brand-new POIs, changes to places that already exist, and even a bunch of new features like the Underground Transit System or Redeploy Balloons.

Warzone Pacific Season 4: Reveal imminent?

So far, Activision hasn’t said anything about the Season 4 update for Warzone. With everyone’s attention on the reveal of Modern Warfare 2 and various leaks about Warzone 2, the current Battle Royale has been getting less attention lately.

But as the next big update gets closer, new teasers are sure to come out all the time. After Modern Warfare 2 steals the show on June 8, it’s likely that there will be a formal information dump about Season 4. As more information about Warzone Pacific Season 4 comes out in the next few weeks, we’ll be sure to post it here.

Ride the new Dirt Bike

Since Season 4 began, the new Dirt Bike can be found in different parts of Verdansk. This highly mobile scrambler will be the fastest vehicle in Warzone, so if you can get one, you’ll be able to zip across the map in no time. You can also change the look of your dirt bike with skins you get in Cold War.


When Does Warzone Season 3 End?

The middle of this season of Warzone has passed, so many people are wondering when Season 3 will end. Since Season 4 starts on June 22, Season 3 will end on the same day. Good thing there’s still a lot of time left on the Battle Pass before a new one comes out.

Warzone Season 4 Release Date

So far, that’s all we know about Warzone Season 4. When we get more information, we’ll add it to the hub as it comes to us. Check out our Warzone page for the latest news, leaks, and guides in the meantime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is a Season 4 of Warzone?

The last season’s Battle Pass began on April 22 and ended on June 15, which is a 54-day span. Using this as a guide, Season 4 of Warzone should end around August 10.

Will There Be a New Map in Warzone Season 4?

In Season 4, there will also be a new Gulag, new weapons, and a lot more. Season 4 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone starts on June 17. It includes new maps, an update to the Warzone map, a new Gulag, the limited-time event Ground Fall, a Zombies Outbreak region, and a lot more.

Will Verdansk Be Removed?

On December 8, 2021, Treyarch/Activision Verdansk was taken out of Warzone.

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