Open Season 3 – When Was the Animated Series Released in Various Countries?

The release date, cast, and other pertinent details for Open Season 3 will be discussed in this post. Continue reading to the conclusion for further details.

About Open Season 3

Open Season 3 is an American computer-animated comedy film released in 2010 by Sony Pictures Animation and Reel FX Creative Studios. It is the third film in the Open Season franchise and the sequel to Open Season 2.

The film, directed by Cody Cameron, debuted in Russian theatres on October 21, 2010, and was released on home video in the United States and Canada on January 25, 2011.  The film’s critical reception was mixed, and it grossed $7 million worldwide.

When Boog the grizzly bear switches places with Doug, his best friend Elliot the mule deer and the other animals must rescue him before the circus leaves for Russia.

Open Season 3’s Plot

Boog awakens from hibernation on a spring morning some years after the events of the previous film and arranges an annual trip with his best male pals. Since starting a family with Giselle, Elliot has, unfortunately, grown distant from Boog.

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They currently have three children: Gisela, Giselita, and Elvis (with Boog now being the honorary uncle). Boog is dissatisfied that everyone wants to spend time with their families (especially because he does not have a partner), so he decides to go on the men trip alone with his stuffed animal, Dinkleman.Open Season 3

However, this soon takes him to the Maslova Family Circus, a Russian touring circus. Doug is a sluggish, self-centered, rude, scruffy grizzly bear who is unable to execute circus skills and is tired of being a sideshow performer in the circus. He desires to be acknowledged as the legitimate king of the forest and ruler of the fauna.

Doug then manipulates Boog into exchanging places, telling his Argentinean camelid best friend Alistair that he will return to bring him to the jungle. Doug breaks his word and poses as Boog to enslave the woodland creatures, prompting Alistair to confess his plot to Boog back at the circus.

However, Boog forgives Alistair for his participation in Doug’s con and finally forms a friendship with him over their shared experience of abandonment by their respective closest friend.

During his stay in the circus, Boog falls in love with Ursa, a female grizzly bear who was born in Russia and can effortlessly walk a tightrope, juggle, and dance (which Boog finds to be “bearvana”). Prior to leaving the circus, Boog was irritated by Doug’s nasty, self-centered, and lax attitude.

Ursa, annoyed by Boog’s crush on her, challenges him to climb the high wire to prove he is not Doug. To Boog’s amazement, Ursa admits that she knew he wasn’t Doug the instant he rode the unicycle, as Doug was incapable of doing so, but it wasn’t for nothing: Boog was nonetheless punished for juggling a dog in an earlier attempt to impress her.

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Ursa gradually warms up to Boog and begins to reciprocate his feelings as they learn more about each other and how different Boog is from other male grizzly bears like Doug, who tend to be aggressive and hate each other, whereas Boog is polite and friendly, which impresses Ursa, despite the fact that they both grew up with humans. You can see the remaining plot in the series.

Cast of Open Season 3

  • Matthew J. Munn in the role of Boog/Doug
  • Maddie Taylor as Elliot / Ian / Reilly / Buddy / Deni
  • Melissa Sturm as Giselle / Ursa
  • Karley Scott Collins plays Gisela, the oldest daughter of Giselle and Elliot. She is a mule deer fawn.
  • Ciara Bravo plays Giselita, a mule deer fawn who is the second oldest daughter of Giselle and Elliot.
  • Harrison Fahn plays Elvis, a mule deer fawn and the youngest son of Giselle and Elliot.
  • Alistair is an Argentinian camelid who is Doug’s best friend. He is played by Dana Snyder.
  • André Sogliuzzo as McSquizzy
  • As Mr. Weenie, Cody Cameron
  • Danny Mann as Serge
  • As Fifi, Crispin Glover
  • Roberto played by Steve Schirripa
  • Stanley, played by Fred Stoller
  • Roger as Sean Mullen
  • Diedrich Bader as Rufus
  • Charlene, played by Olivia Hack
  • John Cygan playing Nate
  • Georgia Engel as Bobbie
  • Nika Futterman as Rosie
  • Michelle Murdocca as Maria
  • Jeff Bennett as Earl

Release Date of Open Season 3 in Various Countries

Open Season 3 was shown in theatres in different countries, just like the second and fourth movies.Open Season 3

Russia on October 21, 2010, Kazakhstan on October 21, 2010, Mexico on October 29, 2010, Turkey on December 3, 2010, Lebanon on December 16, 2010, United Arab Emirates on December 23, 2010, Greece on February 24, 2011, Colombia on March 18, 2011.

Open Season 3’s Reception

DVD Verdict gave the movie a bad review, saying, “This tiresomely predictable story shows everything that’s wrong with straight-to-DVD animated sequels to big-budget mainstream films: the plot is completely predictable and rehashes a lot of parts from the first film, the major voice actors have been replaced by poor substitutes, and the quality of the animation has dropped dramatically.”

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IGN’s R.L. Shaffer gave the movie a slightly positive review, saying that the animation is fine and that kids will probably like it, but that Open Season 3’s story is boring and feels like it’s just going through the motions.

Open Season – Scared Silly

The sequel Open Season: Scared Silly debuted in theatres in Turkey on December 18, 2015, and in the U.S. and Canada on March 8, 2016, on DVD and Blu-ray. Even though it came out after the third movie, it is considered a prequel because some characters from the third movie aren’t in it. This shows that it takes place before the third movie.

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