Transplant Season 2: Where Can I Watch Season 2 of Transplant in the Us?

Transplant is finally returning to American television after being on sabbatical for over a year. What was initially viewed as a show to cover the airwaves during a programming hole caused by COVID-19 has evolved into a certified smash for NBC.

This comes as no surprise to Canadians, given the show’s phenomenal success on the CTV network. So here’s all we know about Season 2 of Transplant.

The Story of Transplant

Transplant, unlike the network’s other medical dramas (Chicago Med and New Amsterdam), follows the main character Bashir “Bash” Hamed, a Syrian doctor who relocates to Canada as a refugee from the Syrian civil war.

Transplant Season 2

Not only must he acclimate to a new setting, but he must also restart his medical career, beginning as a resident at York Memorial Hospital in Toronto.

Season 2 of Transplant will take up where the previous season left off, with Dr Hamed (Hamza Haq) and his colleagues trying to figure out what their professional futures look like after the chief of medicine, Dr Jed Bishop suffers a stroke (John Hannah).

Furthermore, viewers can anticipate witnessing Dr Hamed constantly trying to acclimate to his new life while being reminded of his past in Syria.

The Cast of ‘Transplant’

Viewers who fell in love with the characters in Transplant’s first season will be relieved to learn that the show’s core ensemble will return for the second season.

According to a CTV press release, Haq will reprise his role as Dr Hamed, with Laurence Leboeuf as Dr Mags Leblanc, Ayisha Issa as Dr June Curtis, Sirena Gulamgaus as Amira Hamed, Jim Watson as Dr Theo Hunter, and John Hannah as Dr Jed Bishop.

Speaking of Hannah, it will be interesting to see if he remains a cast member for the duration of the second season.

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His character suffered an apparent stroke towards the end of the first season, and while he recovered consciousness throughout the episode, he’s not necessarily out of the woods just yet.

Transplant Season 2

While Hannah is listed as a series regular for season 2, it wouldn’t be unheard of for a TV medical drama to have a character die unexpectedly.

Another noteworthy casting announcement is that Torri Higginson, who portrays nurse Claire Malone, will be promoted from recurring to series regular for season 2. (via Deadline).

‘Transplant’: How to Watch

When Transplant returns in March 2022, anyone with a standard cable/satellite pay-TV membership or a TV antenna can watch it on their local NBC station.

Additionally, users of live TV streaming services such as Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV get access to their local NBC channels (but only if they are signed up for Sling TV Blue).

Can’t see it live? Subscribers to any of the aforementioned services can view the most recent episode of Transplant on the NBC website. Cord cutters may catch up on Transplant by streaming the entire first season on Hulu.

When Will Transplant Season 2 Be Released in the United States?

Season 2 of Transplant began production in February 2021, according to Deadline, and is not anticipated to broadcast in Canada until later that year. Given that the first season premiered in Canada in February 2020, it appears that the series will be pushed back greatly from its planned release date.

Transplant Season 2

What does this portend for its eventual launch in the United States? At the time of writing, NBC had not scheduled a date for the series’ American launch. Given that the Canadian premiere has been moved back, it appears likely that the US release date will be pushed back as well.

According to a CTV press release, the show’s second season, like the first, will contain 13 episodes. As a result, it’s possible to picture NBC bringing it in as a mid-season premiere in 2022, rather than at the start of the fall/winter TV season.

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While season 2 of Transplant may premiere in the fall of 2021, don’t be surprised if it premieres in early 2022. Of course, until NBC confirms it, all of this is just speculation.

The Questions We Want Transplant’s Second Season to Answer

Season 2 of Transplant is a good thing because season 1 left viewers with a lot of unanswered mysteries. The most urgent concern is how Dr Bishop’s suspected stroke will affect the York Memorial staff and patients.

According to the CTV press release, the incident has “destabilised” affairs at the hospital. The press statement also mentions the entrance of new employees to the emergency room, who we’re sure will bring plenty of new drama with them.

Transplant Season 2

Another major unsolved issue from Season 1 is the identity of the enigmatic woman Bash and his sister Amira witnessed at the end of the finale. It’s evident that she’s a key person in their lives, but it’s unclear who she is and how her entrance will affect the Hameds.

Meanwhile, Bash and Mags (Bags? Mash?) fans are probably anxious to know if the two will finally take the plunge and start some Grey’s Anatomy-style hospital romance. By the end of the season, they appeared to be closer than ever to taking their flirting to the next level, but neither has stepped up and made an official move.

Whether or not they pursue their feelings for one another, expect their prospective romance to play a role in season 2. While we may have to wait a little longer for more Transplants, based on what we know so far about the impending second season, it will be well worth the wait.

Transplant Trailer


Transplant, which had been on hiatus for over a year, is finally returning to American television. What began as a show to fill in the airwaves during a programming gap caused by COVID-19 has turned into a bonafide sensation for NBC.

Transplant, unlike the network’s other medical dramas (Chicago Med and New Amsterdam), features the main character Bashir “Bash” Hamed, a Syrian doctor who flees the Syrian civil war and relocates to Canada.

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Season 2 of Transplant may debut in the fall of 2021, but don’t be surprised if it debuts in early 2022. Of course, unless NBC confirms it, all of this is all conjecture.

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