Liam Payne And Maya Henry Are Back Together Again!

Liam Payne And Maya Henry Are Back Together Again!

Liam Payne and Maya Henry are said to have gotten back together in secret. In addition, the “One Direction” star and his ex-fiancee should live together again.

After The Separation: Liam Payne And Maya Henry Back Together? 

It could be the love comeback of the year. In June, Liam Payne announced that he was single again for a sad reason. The “One Direction” star and Maya Henry broke up in the short version because he was not good with relationships and had to work on himself first. Everything looked so good. 

The singer and model were together for three years and engaged for ten months. For many fans, the breakup was pretty shocking. But Liam Payne didn’t want to give up his love for Maya Henry either. The “One Direction” star fought for his ex after the breakup publicly on Instagram. and it seems to have brought something. A source close to Maya Henry is said to have told “E! News” that the “One Direction” star and the model are back together. 

Source Confirms Relationship Rumors 

Liam Payne and Maya Henry are said to have secretly found each other again just a month after their separation and the cancellation of their engagement. “They needed a break because they no longer communicated well with each other,” assures the source. After the breakup, the “One Direction” star has noticed how meaningful the relationship was to him. 

When the model had to go back to England for a job, the two got in touch again and are now supposed to be a couple again. “They live together in England, but the wedding and engagement take it slowly,” the secret source reveals. Somehow logical, after all, the two of them need time to concentrate fully on the relationship. It could be, after all, the two were spotted together in St. Tropez, where they left a yacht together. However, there is no official confirmation from the “One Direction” star and the model. However, we very much hope that the two of them are together and happy again. Of course, we will keep you up to date! 

Previously, in the podcast “Diary of a CEO”, Liam Payne chatted with host Steven Bartlett about his relationship status and dropped that he is single again! “Yes, I’m single again and it annoys me that the relationship didn’t work out. I’ve never been good in relationships before,” said the musician.


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