Into the Badlands Season 4: Is the Badlands Season 4 Cancelled?

Season 4 of Into the Badlands had the potential to immerse viewers in an even larger and more expansive realm, but the show was ultimately discontinued. Have you seen Into the Badlands’ third season finale, “Seven Strike as One”? If this is the case, you’ll know it was a suitable conclusion to a fantastic evening.

While I thoroughly appreciated the finale, I can’t help but be disappointed that this show was ended before the fourth season of Into the Badlands, which would have been even better. In the conclusion, both The Widow and Sunny regained their powers.

Into the Badlands Season 4

Tilda was seriously injured, and both MK and Pilgrim died. Cressida escaped on a boat before Moon could do her in, and we learnt of an even larger threat approaching the Badlands: guns.

What Is the Backstory of Into the Badlands?

Into The Badlands is a post-apocalyptic novel set in the future after a nuclear war has wiped out much of civilization. The world experienced great upheaval in the postwar period, notably in North America.

To fill the power vacuum left by the conflict, a feudal system has evolved in the Badlands region, which includes many states lying between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River. Barons control land and monopolies on commodities such as opium and gasoline in order to keep the peace.

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Each baron is supported by a massive army of slaves known as cogs, as well as a prostitute class known as dolls. Clippers are a group of young males and females known as barons’ warriors who are forbidden from marrying or having children for fear of undermining their loyalty. Each clipper army is led by a regent.

Who Are the Into the Badlands Performers and Characters?

Several characters appear in the collection throughout the course of three seasons. They are detailed below. Please let us know which one is your favourite.

  • Tilda is played by Ally Ioannides
  • Quinn is played by Marton Csokas.
  • Bajie Babou is played by Nick Frost. Pilgrim Ceesay
  • Cressida is played by Lorraine Toussaint.
  • Nix Sherman is played by Ella-Rae Smith
  • Nathaniel Moon is played by Augustus.
  • Sunny is played by Daniel Wu.
  • Lydia is played by Orla Brady.
  • Jade Aramis Knight is played by Sarah Bolger
  • M.K. is played by M.K.
  • Minerva is played by Emily Beecham.
  • Ryder is played by Oliver Stark.
  • The veil is played by Madeleine Mantock.

Official Announcements and Release Date of Season 4

As thrilled as we are for the upcoming season of Into The Badlands, the show’s creators have been silent on social media. There has been no official news or update since the end of the third season in 2019. However, AMC cancelled the show in February 2019.

Into the Badlands Season 4

The contract for the fourth season was not renewed. On February 10th, creator Al Gough came to Twitter to inform us that season 4 will not be renewed and that they would instead construct an explosive ending for season 3.

All of the key cast members, including Daniel Wu, expressed gratitude to the audience for a magnificent run of Into the Badlands and expressed regret at parting ways with it. We can only confirm that AMC has cancelled the series as of January 2022. We can view the past three seasons on Amazon Prime Video indefinitely.

Season 3 of Into the Badlands: Recap

Countless partnerships were dissolved in the series’ last season, and the heroes revealed their dark sides. Season 3 introduced us to Pilgrim, who expanded the world in ways we hadn’t seen before. The heroes regained their gift, which means they may endanger their loved ones.

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The Widow has learnt that she cannot handle authority, but Sunny has a more difficult time than others because of his violent past. It will be quite interesting to see how the saga unfolds in the following season, which has regrettably been cancelled by the producers.

The Source of Into the Badlands

Al Gough, the show’s creator, stated in a tweet that he set out to produce a groundbreaking martial arts program that will awe the viewers. The plot is partially based on the Chinese classic story Journey to the West. Al Gough and Miles Millar created an adventure-action wuxia series based on the premise of this story.

Into the Badlands Season 4

Ku Huen-Chiu, a Hong Kong-based action director, and Stephen Fung joined the team to give their skills to the martial arts. Into the Badlands was conceived with this aim and an incredible team. It went on to become a hit series, engrossing audiences for three seasons.

Is There Hope for a Future in the Badlands?

It’s been two years since Into the Badlands was cancelled, and we still haven’t heard anything about what’s next for the series. There is always optimism in a world of revivals, reboots, and remakes.

As previously noted, the creators have expressed interest in making a film as well as a graphic novel to continue the story. To some extent, time is a factor since we must consider both the actors and the audience—are they still present and interested?

Daniel Wu has previously stated that “never say never” and has pleasant memories of his time on the show. It’s unlikely that a streaming service like Netflix will pick up the show, which was fairly pricey, but reuniting the cast for a one-off film is a possibility.

Into the Badlands Season 4

While a graphic novel would not be the same as a television resurrection, it would allow us to spend more time with these favourite characters and keep them alive in our minds. It’s possible that if enough people flock to a graphic novel and demand a film adaptation of what was formerly Into the Badlands season 4, it will happen.

(However, there is a downloadable Into the Badlands graphic novel that serves as a prelude to the series). Into the Badlands is exactly the type of high-quality niche show that has the potential to garner a larger audience and longer life after the series has concluded.

Like Wu, I’ll never say never to the potential that it could happen, but for the time being, it doesn’t appear to be the proper time. I, for one, will be present till it is. At the very least, we can binge-watch the show on Netflix.

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You may watch into the badlands season 3 trailer.


There’s a lot more to Netflix’s Into The Badlands than we could fit into this guide. We’ll have something more to say about it soon! Keep up with us until then.

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