Tokyo Vice Season 2: Will There Be Another Season to This Action-filled Crime Series?

Get ready to face the new crime stories of Japan!

Tokyo Vice is a television series produced in both Japanese and English. This series is based on Jake Adelstein‘s book “Tokyo Vice,” which was produced by Ralph Winter and Satch Watanabe.

Jake Adelstein wrote this book in 2009 while working as the first non-Japanese writer for Japan’s largest newspaper, Yomiuri Shinbun.

The documentary directed by Michael Mann is based on a genuine story. The ensemble shines in their various roles, and the tale is believable. Overall, for true-crime story fans, this show is a blast full of fun. This series, created by J. T. Rogers, is a must-see for everyone.

The Tokyo Vice is a crime series that shows an amazing tour through an underworld rarely faithfully portrayed for television audiences at its best. The Tokyo Vice relies an excessive amount on TV cliches and B plots, instead of the naturally engaging and rich source material it draws from—and eventually discards.

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Nonetheless, the top result’s an exciting raid “true crime” television. In other seasons, we hope the series returns to its more visually adventurous early episodes.

So, here’s all we know about Tokyo Vice season 2 so far.

Tokyo Vice Season 2: What Will Be the Release Date of the Series?

Tokyo vice season 2 release date

In the USA, the primary season ended on April 27, 2022. There have been no renewal announcements for Tokyo Vice Season 2 as of yet.

According to various sources, demand for Tokyo Vice soared by over 18% over the average TV episode, making the show a clear winner for HBO‘s streaming platform. The series also received many positive reviews, with a current Rotten Tomatoes score of 85 percent and a 91 percent audience score.

It will almost surely be renewed for more seasons; the series’ conclusion clearly sets itself up for at least another eight episodes.

Several people involved with the initiative, though, voiced hope for a second season. If a new season is allowed, a big amount of the story will already be completed, according to the series’ creator.

Furthermore, the storyline is still progressing beyond the showdown between Jake and Tozawa’s underlings featured in the series’ opening sequence after Season 1.

The release date for Tokyo Vice Season 2 should be planned for mid-2023 in the unlikely case of a renewal!

Tokyo Vice Season 2: What New Action Is Going to Add Up in the Storyline?

Tokyo vice season 2 plot

While working in Japan, American journalist Jake Adelstein takes on the most powerful Yakuza. For his criminal beat, he joins the Tokyo Vice police squad.

The eight-episode series is a riveting experience to watch. It immediately grabs the audience’s attention in the first episode. The show directed by Michael Mann really holds you till the end.

Jake considers returning to the United States before seeing a recording that appears to depict Polina’s murder in the season 1 finale. Tozawa is suspected of assassinating Miyamoto. He also threatens Katagiri, stating that if the detective does not stop pursuing his family, he will kill them.

Tokyo vice season 2 2

One of Sato’s fellow Chihari-Kai members stabs him. Samantha approaches Ishida for a loan after losing all of her money to Akira’s schemes. Tozawa departs for an unknown location, and Jake and Katagiri appear to have reconciled their differences.

Tozawa may have come to the United States for a liver transplant in Tokyo Vice Season 2. When Misaki realizes she can’t wait for Tozawa to die, she can ask Jake for help.

Sato will almost definitely lose some of his humanity as he chases his assailant if he survives. Jake and Katagiri will very probably have to reconsider how they approach Tozawa’s probe.

Tokyo Vice Season 2: Who Are Coming Back in the Series?

Tokyo vice season 2 cast

Tokyo Vice Season 1 has many actors like The Fault in Our Stars leading actor Ansel Elgort as Jake Adelstein, and Ken Watanabe as Hiroto Katagiri. Rachel Keller plays the role of Samantha Porter, Show Kasamatsu plays the role of Sato, and  Rinko Kikuchi is Emi Maruyama.

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Hideaki It is playing the role of Jin Miyamoto, Ayumi Tanida as Shinzo Tozawa, and many more amazing characters of the series.,

Matsuo and Yoshihiro, played by Yamada and Haneda, are undoubtedly dead, hence they will not feature in the upcoming season 2 save for flashback moments. The same can be said about Hideaki It and Rumpf’s characters, Miyamoto and Polina, who appear to die in the first season finale.

Where to Watch the Show?

Season 1 of Tokyo Vice has eight episodes. JustWatch and HBO Max now have all eight episodes available to stream. Tokyo Vice Season 1 is also available on Amazon Prime Video for streaming. Tokyo Vice  Season 2 will most likely be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video if it is released.


The trailer for Tokyo Vice Season 2 has yet to get an official announcement. So let’s just refresh our memory with the season 1 trailer.

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