Balthazar Season 5: Will There Be a Season 5?

Balthazar season 5: is the series coming to an end? Tomer Sisley confirmed the report. The release/broadcast date is set for March 10, 2022, when the new episodes of Balthazar season 4 will premiere on TF1.

And, while a sequel has already been confirmed, Tomer Sisley has just announced that the upcoming season 5 will also be the final season of the detective series.

Balthazar Renewed for Season 5

TF1 will begin airing fresh episodes of the Balthazar series on March 10, 2022. Unfortunately, Hélène de Fougerolles’ departure means that this year’s season 4 will be carried by Constance Labbé, who will play Camille Costes, a very remarkable new agent.

Balthazar Season 5

Despite this, the good news is that Season 4 will be followed by a sequel. While audiences are discovering Tomer Sisley’s new adventures, the actors will be filming Season 5, which will be televised in 2023. The downside is that season 5 will also be the final for this fictional series, which debuted on our screens in 2018.

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Which Will Be the Last of the Series

During an interview with 50′ Inside (TF1) this weekend, Tomer Sisley stated that he was about to finish the fifth and last season of Balthazar, saying, “em>We should not belong in finishing the filming of the fifth and final season of Balthazar [during the month of March].

” Why such a halt, despite the fact that the detective series is a huge hit and TF1 has a long history of bringing genre projects to life? Simply said, the actor has a full schedule. Largo Winch 3 is looming on the horizon. “Which could happen towards the end of the year,” he said at first.

The actor who recently co-starred in Doesn’t Look Up starring Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio proudly added, “There are 3, 4, 5 other movies in progress right now, but I can’t speak too much.” Something to pique our interest.

Balthazar Season 5

According to Allociné’s intel, one of these new initiatives is already known and might be. He would co-write the detective series Par Amour with Baptiste Gurden and Vladimir Haulet.

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On the show, we’d follow the story of Ben, a cop, and Laura, a mafia-connected woman who are willing to go to any length to find each other and keep a promise they made when they were only 15 years old.

Balthazar: a Season 5 Ordered Even Before the Broadcast of Season 4 on Tf1

While the unreleased season 4 of “Balthazar,” in which Tomer Sisley forms a new shocking partnership with Constance Labbé, will premiere on TF1 on March 10, the channel has already commissioned a season 5, with filming set to begin in a few weeks.

Fans of Tomer Sisley’s Balthazar series will be pleased to learn that, even before the new season 4 premieres on TF1, the channel has already commissioned a season 5, with filming set to begin soon in the Paris area.

After a third season that ended in a bloodbath at the end of 2020, Balthazar will return on TF1 on Thursday, March 10 for a fourth season in the shape of a revival, which will welcome Constance Labbé in the part of Camille Costes.

Following the departure of Hélène de Fougerolles, alias Hélène Bach, a new investigator will now partner up with the pathologist who speaks to the dead.

Without waiting for season 4 audiences and public comment on this new character – we can already tell you that Constance Labbé is fantastic in this role – the channel has validated the fifth batch of episodes, which, according to our sources, will begin filming on March 15.

Thibault Grabherr – TF1 TF1 has confirmed to us that Tomer Sisley and Constance Labbé will be very true to their roles as Raphael Balthazar and Camille Costes, but has not yet decided on the number of episodes that will be included in season 5.

Balthazar Season 5

Clothilde Jamin, who co-created the series and serves as its producer and showrunner, as well as Nicolas Clément, Marion Carnel, Julie-Anna Grignon, Gauthier Plancquaert, and Eliane Vigneron, will write the screenplays for these new investigations.

Balthazar, the TF1 flagship series with HPI, had an average of 6.48 million viewers during the course of its season 3 in 2020 in watch audience, so it still has excellent days ahead of it, much to the satisfaction of fans of this amusing and very dark detective fiction.

Balthazar, Season 4 Finale: What Audiences for This New Season?

On March 10, TF1 aired the first two episodes of Balthazar’s fourth season. And the new season began with a bang, with 5.96 million viewers seeing Constance Labbé’s first steps. 5.57 million viewers choose TF1 on March 17th. On March 24, approximately 6 million people tuned in to watch Raphael Balthazar’s escapades.

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On March 31, 5.9 million people tuned in to see the TF1 detective show. Finally, on April 7, Tomer Sisley and Constance Labbé were still ahead with 5.67 million viewers. The 6 million viewer mark could be broken on April 14 during the season 4 finale.

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