Ready Player One 2: What Is Happening To The Sequel? Details Inside

Ready Player One 2: What Is Happening To The Sequel? Details Inside

The long-awaited film adaptation of the bestseller “Ready Player One” stormed the international film charts and brought director Steven Spielberg a box office hit. We tell you how it is about the sequel “Ready Player Two.”

Steven Spielberg is probably one of the most famous directors in the world. With his masterpiece “The Jaws” (1975), he is considered the founder of blockbuster cinema. In the eighties, there was hardly an American hit movie in which Spielberg was not involved as a director, author, or producer. In recent years his films have been Oscar nominations regularly, but the box office results have often fallen short of expectations. With the film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s bestseller “Ready Player One,” released in 2011, Spielberg proved that he has not forgotten anything and that he can still produce successful popcorn movies even at the age of 71.

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“Ready Player Two”: When Will The Sequel Come?

The box office rang at “Ready Player One.” With a budget of $ 175 million, the sci-fi spectacle raised over $ 583 million. A sequel is therefore not surprising. According to Ernest Cline, author of the novel, the project is already in the early stages (via Inverse ). Cline left an open question about what this term should mean; a script may still be being worked on at the moment. Due to the ongoing pandemic, when the sequel will be released in theaters, it cannot be said. Until then, fans can take a look at the story.

“Ready Player Two”: Plot

As the novelist and screenwriter Ernest Cline had since revealed, the story of Parzival, Art3mis, and Co. had long been planned as a trilogy. Shortly after he had written the first book, Cline thought about the plot of “Ready Player Two” and “Ready Player Three.” But he didn’t want the fans of the first part to feel like they had been betrayed. If he had announced the sequels immediately, many fans would have assumed that they didn’t even know the proper ending to the story. But every book should feel like a completely independent story.

With the film adaptation of his cult novel, the time had finally come for Cline to tackle “Ready Player Two.” According to him, he started writing the sequel during the post-production of the film.


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