Knightfall Season 3: Release Date, Cast| Is Knightfall Based on a True Story?

Knightfall is a fantastic series and there are a lot of people who are worried about the renewal of Season 3. Don Handfield and Richard Rayner created the History Channel’s historical fiction drama television series Knightfall. It was shot in the Czech Republic and Croatia and premiered on December 6, 2017.

History resurrected the series for a second season on August 13, 2018, and it was broadcast on March 25, 2019. Knightfall is a television series set in the year 1306. And the Knights Templar, once one of the most important Christian groups is reaching the end of its reign.

Knightfall Season 3
Knightfall Season 3: Release Date, Cast| Is Knightfall Based on a True Story?

Acre, the Templars’ last castle, has fallen, yet stories continue that the fallen Grail is still nearby. The Templars have shifted their focus to reestablishing a presence in the Holy Land, commanded by the courageous, headstrong, but noble Templar Knight Landry.

They return to the Holy Land to fight, and their conflicts are dubbed the Crusades. The Templars are losing allies and gaining new and strong opponents, including France’s King.

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The Holy Grail and any information capable of defeating the Church are entrusted to the renowned, wealthy, and clandestine military group of warrior monks. The question is whether we will be able to see Season 3 of Knightfall.

Knightfall Season 3: Expected Plot

“Knightfall,” tells the story of the Templars’ fall from grace, abuse, and final demise after being burned at the stake. It is set in the 14th century and offers an in-depth look at the Templars’ commitments, working methods, and dealings with the society’s effective benefactors as well as the church, which supervised the community’s business.

The Holy Grail is also the most sought-after treasure in the series, capturing viewers’ attention and intrigue throughout the Knights Templar’s final days on European battlefields. Because the series has long been suspected of possessing magical properties, the series’ authors purposefully left matters vague throughout the series.

The narrative takes place in the secret realm that these army monks used to call home before being exiled. The Knights Templar had long been one of the most fascinating, weird, and wealthy military organisations to emerge from the Middle Ages.

Knightfall Season 3
Knightfall Season 3: Release Date, Cast| Is Knightfall Based on a True Story?

It was previously thought that the Holy Grail, which was historically regarded as Christianity’s most valuable possession and was said to contain secrets and procedures too complex for humans to comprehend, was at risk of being lost or destroyed.

As a result, the Knights have been compelled to seek the Grail at various times in order to solve personal issues; one of these was Gawain, who believed that the Grail would heal his injuries and return him to his fighting position.

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In any case, the series follows the Templars’ differences in the Holy Land, as well as the complications of their relationship with King Louis XIV of France, and the eventual deception that resulted in the Templars’ final dismissal from their post.

Fans of historical documents, judicial regimes, and combat series, among other things, will like “Knightfall.”The series appears to be continuing in a similar vein in the following season as well.

The Templars’ administrative relationships deteriorate as they attempt to keep their dedication to protecting the Grail in the middle of so many critical events all centred on the search for it.

Indeed, the upcoming season will include elements of humour, politics, and action, all of which have been characteristics of the show over the years.

Knightfall Season 3: Release Date

If you’re a fan of the Knightfall series, you’ll be disappointed by this report. It was announced in May 2020 that the series would be cancelled and would not be renewed for a third season. Despite the fact that it debuted a year ago, viewers are eagerly anticipating the series’ return.

Knightfall Season 3

Furthermore, if you’re still hoping for the series to be resurrected, you might want to reconsider because there will be no additional seasons. Season two was supposed to be the end of this out-of-the-ordinary serial.

Knightfall Season 3 Cast: Who Will Be in It?

We’d like to see Tom Cullen (Landry), Jim Carter, Pádraic Delaney (Gawain), Simon Merrells (Tancrede), Julian Ovenden (William De Nogaret), Ed Stoppard (King Philip), Sarah-Sofie Boussnina (Adelina), Tom Forbes (Prince Louis), and, most importantly, Mark Hamill (who joined in season two, as the excellent Talus) return.

Speaking of the amazing Mark Hamill, we’re sure he’d be delighted if his (quite sizable) audience rallied behind restoring the series. That’s primarily because he appears to be as much a Knightfall fan as his fans are of Star Wars.

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“They sent me the first season, and my wife and I put them on for that evening’s amusement; I had no idea I’d want to go to Prague for five months, and I started watching it, and I was absolutely bowled over,” Hamill remarked (via History).

Knightfall Season 3

“I was engrossed; the period, the character captivated me. As an actor, you’re always looking for new challenges, and this was unlike anything I’d done before. Talus was unlike any other character I’d ever played. I was flattered that they had even considered me. He’s simply so nasty and unyielding.”

Knightfall Season 3 Trailer: When Can We Watch It?

You will have to wait for the third season because, more than likely, there will be no season 3 due to an official cancellation.

You can watch the last season’s recap trailer here:


What Year Is Knightfall Based?

Knightfall is set in the early 1300s and depicts the rise and fall of the legendary Knights Templar (also known as the bad guys in Assassin’s Creed) under King Philip IV of France. The Templars were the most powerful and enigmatic military order of their time.


Knightfall is a terrific series, and many people are concerned about the renewal of Season 3. The History Channel’s historical fiction drama television series Knightfall was created by Don Handfield and Richard Rayner.

It premiered on December 6, 2017, after being shot in the Czech Republic and Croatia. If you like the Knightfall series, you’ll be let down by this news. In May 2020, it was revealed that the series would be terminated and would not be renewed for a third season.

Despite the fact that the series debuted a year ago, fans are eagerly expecting its comeback. Knightfall is set in the early 1300s and recounts the rise and fall of King Philip IV of France’s famed Knights Templar (also known as the evil guys in Assassin’s Creed).

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