Free Guy 2: Sequel Is Already In Talks!

Free Guy 2: Sequel Is Already In Talks!

The surprise hit of the cinema summer is already being discussed at Disney for the sequel, we reveal here when and how things will continue with Ryan Reynolds as “Free Guy”.

It was a long and rocky road until the wacky and star-studded blockbuster “Free Guy” saw the light of day in the cinemas. The film with Ryan Reynolds in the lead role is now making box offices ringing, the film grossed $28 million worldwide on the opening weekend and thus also putting DC’s superhero competition in the barriers.

With the usual ironic tone, Ryan Reynolds has already announced via Twitter that Disney is interested in a sequel:

“Free Guy 2”: When And How Will It Continue?

Disney has not yet officially given the green light for “Free Guy 2”, but Reynolds’ tweet is quite clear and the revenue and positive reviews of the film set the course for a sequel.

If the people in charge at Disney, who had previously taken over the film from 20th Century Fox, commission the production promptly, we will probably still have to be patient. It took about a year for “Free Guy” from the filming to the originally scheduled cinema release in summer 2020. However, Ryan Reynolds’ schedule is already well filled, and shooting for the sequel may not start until the end of next year. Accordingly, the second part could also start at the end of 2023 or in spring/summer 2024 at best.

“Free Guy” closes harmoniously, but the content of the ending is open enough to tell us more about this video game cosmos. The sequel could bring us closer to the new game “Free Life”, which Millie (Jodie Comer), Keys (Joe Kerry), and Mouser (Utkarsh Ambudkar) have developed with their new company. The guy could face new dangers there, possibly threatened by a hacker attack. The new love story is also exciting, as it no longer only takes place virtually, but also in the real world.

Free Guy Is More Successful Than Suicide Squad

“Free Guy” managed to create yet another sensation. The new film starring Ryan Reynolds could beat the theatrical release result of “The Suicide Squad”. The DC film was released a week earlier as “Free Guy” and grossed a respectable 26 million US dollars when it was released in the USA. Nevertheless, the Disney film could now go a step further.


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