The Suicide Squad: Idris Elba Didn’t Read The Script Before Joining!

The Suicide Squad: Idris Elba Didn’t Read The Script Before Joining!

Superhero movies dominate the box office and release schedules. It seems impossible to avoid them and for those who are beginning to run out of the narrative, it is increasingly difficult to see them. But “The Suicide Squad” completely transformed the narrative and presents an original tape in a market that already seemed saturated. James Gunn achieved the impossible and Idris Elba, one of the protagonists, agreed to be part of it before reading the script, only with some information that the filmmaker had given him.

The man in charge of bringing Bloodsport aka Robert DuBois to life in the latest DC film is one of the most respected actors in the industry and his schedule is not unoccupied or anything like that. But as soon as he found out about the project, he accepted without hesitation and without having read anything official. This was confirmed to Entertainment Tonight in a report. 

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Idris Elba Choose Suicide Squad Blindly

“I didn’t know what character he was playing, but he knew the type of role and he knew the position he was playing within the plot. That’s all I needed to understand and I joined in,” admitted one of the protagonists of “The Suicide Squad.” It is almost impossible to imagine that he did not know what kind of bow he was going to have in the movie, especially when it is such an important one. 

But there was one detail, perhaps the most intriguing in Bloodsport’s history, that he was aware of that made him say yes without even thinking about it, something that would later help him with his interpretation. “I knew he was the first guy to put Superman in the hospital because he shot Superman, that’s why he was in jail. That was very intriguing and it also became a bit of motivation in some of my scenes, and part of my character development,” Elba said.

What Is Suicide Squad About?

“The Suicide Squad” is a film based on comics and these stories were created by John Ostrander in the 70s, that is, at a time when criticism of governments was common. In the northern hemisphere and the south of the American continent, dictatorships were at place in almost all countries. James Gunn does not flee from this and uses a fictional country that condenses the collective experience of Latin America with the dictatorial regimes of that time.


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