Riverdale Season 5: Betty And Jughead Together Again?

Riverdale Season 5: Betty And Jughead Together Again?

There is hope for “Riverdale” fans, It looks like Betty and Jughead are getting closer again in season 5. Beware spoilers for the new episode of “Riverdale” season 5! 

“Riverdale” Season 5: New Episode Mixes Everything Up! 

From today there is finally a new episode, “Riverdale,” after we had to endure a long break from season 5. In line with this, there will be the first news that changes everything again. For everyone who needs to be picked up, the new episode of season 5 picks up exactly where we were left in “Riverdale”. 

Jughead is totally on narcotics and somehow managed to get rid of Tabitha’s handcuffs. He has been missing since then. There was also a mass outbreak at Hiram Lodge Prison. In the new episode, there is a setback for Varchie fans, Archie and Veronica put their relationship on hold until she gets rid of her annoying husband.

Meanwhile, Archie catches a few of the prisoners, as high rewards are advertised for all helpers. Tabitha asks Betty for help, and together they go to find Jughead. They also get help from Jughead’s ex-girlfriend Jessica, who causes trouble. 

In the chaos, a musical is also being planned on the side. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint everyone who hoped that the musical episode would be canceled this season. Series producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa gave an outlook on the future of Jughead and Betty for the start of “Riverdale”. He also revealed whether Vanessa Morgan’s baby would be there in season 5.  

“Riverdale” Producer Promises, Betty And Jughead Will Get Closer Again In Season 5 

Is there still a chance for Bughead? When are Jughead and Betty finally getting back together? For many fans, the two “Riverdale” residents are endgame. For those who miss seeing the two of them together, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has good news. 

“Jughead’s big mystery is explaining what happened to him in those seven years in New York. But he also gets involved in Betty’s and Polly’s mystery. At the end of the season, you can tell that he and Betty are working together to bring Polly home.” Juhu, the detective dream couple, is back together. At the same time, there are some things about Riverdale that fans will never see.

But there is more. The “Riverdale” showrunner also explains whether and how Betty and Jughead could get back together: 

“I believe that Betty and Jughead have a much greater distance from each other, a gap that they have to bridge than Archie and Veronica. All I can say is that they have to rebuild their friendship first. I think they still have a journey ahead of them and have some things to sort out. But I can promise one thing, In episode 16, Cole and Lili have a beautiful scene, in which they talk about how their life was apart from each other. That begins to open a door between the two of them.” 

It sounds like we might see Betty and Jughead together again on “Riverdale”. 


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