The Real Reason Why Clint Eastwood Turned Down Superman

The Real Reason Why Clint Eastwood Turned Down Superman

Throughout his career of more than 66 years, Clint Eastwood has participated in a hundred projects for the big screen. However, he has also missed great opportunities that could have shaped a very different course in his career.

One of the best is that the Oscar winner could have played the Man of Steel in Richard Donner’s classic “Superman.” In hindsight, many know, the character was left to Christopher Reeve.

However, this was far from being the first choice to play the character. Long before the studio offered Reeve the role, the studio had a crush on Clint Eastwood, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and had been for quite some time.

His role in the famous Sergio Leone trilogy made him a legend of the western genre and managed to build an undeniable “tough guy” image. After being fired from Universal, he became part of the industry front line in the early 1970s.

Still, Clint Eastwood is convinced that his decision was the right one. In an interview, the “Cry Macho” star revealed that Warner Bros. president Frank Wells approached him to play Superman while the film was still in its early stages.

But Eastwood explained that the role was not for him, as he preferred to play more reality-based characters. While many of his heroes were capable of “more than human things,” it was not the same to him as being a caped crusader. Another factor that many colleagues would agree with is that he did not want to be known as a superhero.

Eastwood’s No Catapulted Reeve’s Career

Reeve, who until then was a stranger, managed to keep the role offered to Clint Eastwood and represented him in four instalments of the franchise. Many agree that what helped him to generate a well-accepted character was, precisely, his status as a stranger.

Since the studio’s actors wanted to capture many other significant roles, it was easy for audiences to accept Reeve as Superman. Despite his death in 2004, he is still widely recognized as the ultimate Man of Steel.

Michael Jordan Is The New ‘Black’ Superman

In a context in which it is increasingly common to see historical figures being rewritten to contribute to a more open cultural legacy, one is about to change completely. Everything indicates that Michael B. Jordan leads the candidates to become a recognized superhero within the DC franchise.

Last February, it was announced that JJ Abrams was in the process of rebooting the Superman story. Since the departure of Zack Snyder and the end of Henry Cavill’s contract, everything indicated that the saga should be rewritten. All guns are pointed at Michael B. Jordan, who was asked what he knew about it in this context.


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