Shazam! 2: New Images From The Set Speculate Rumors!

Shazam! 2

“Shazam!” was one of DC’s biggest hits in recent years and was the ultimate proof that viewers don’t always expect darkness and solemnity from its films. It showed that colours, fun, and laughter could also be part of his universe. Being a cinematic universe based on comics, it was obvious that there would be a second part. The sequel is currently in the middle of filming, but leaks from the set could reveal the plot.

Images Are Viral On Twitter

A few days ago, images were released that revealed that the character of Djimon Hounsou, the sorcerer who gives Billy Batson (Asher Angel) powers so that he can become a superhero (Zachary Levi) in David F. Sandberg’s movie would come back. Not only that, but he would also be close to Billy’s family as he was seen with the actors who play his siblings. 

A new photo shared by the Shazam Updates Twitter account shows Jack Dylan Grazer’s character, Freddy, kissing the character who will be played by Rachel Zegler. It is not yet known what role she will have in the film or how she will relate to the story in the sequel to “Shazam!,” but that kiss sparked all kinds of speculation.

The Theories Are Many But They Make Sense

It is not yet known in detail what the plot of “Shazam!: Fury of the Gods” will be like, but some details were known that leave the door open for all kinds of assumptions. It is known that the villains in this sequel to “Shazam!” will be Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu, who will play Hespera and Kalypso, daughters of the god Atlas. One of the theories that were unleashed with the new image of the set is that the character of Zegler is another daughter of the god and that she will seek to gain the trust of the group to betray them. This would also present new conflicts between Billy and Freddy.

But another of the theories that gain strength with this is that Zegler will not play a villain in the new instalment of “Shazam!,” but is the key to stop what will happen in the film and the fury of the gods. It could also be the connection with “Black Adam,” another of the long-awaited DC releases. But the truth is that these are nothing more than speculation for now, and there is still no clarity about it.

When Will Shazam! 2 Release?

Shazam! was one of the most popular movies of 2017 and it gave DCEU the curve that it needed to shed its ‘dark drama’ image. Shazam! Fury Of The Gods will be released on June 2, 2023. The movie is currently in production. 


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