Sick Note Season 3: What Date Is Season 3 Coming Out? How Many Seasons of Sick Note Will There Be?

It’s not uncommon to see dark comedies, sometimes known as black comedies, in today’s cinema. The term “black humor” or “dark comedy” refers to a certain type of humor that makes light of topics that are normally considered taboo or even painful and serious.

Matt Lipsey, Nat Saunders, and James Serafinowicz have produced and written the dark comedy television series Sick Note, which premiered in the UK in 2012.

Season one of the show premiered on Sky One on November 7th, 2017, and a season two order was already in place before the premiere of season one. Netflix will then make this show available to a global audience throughout the world.

There are a total of 14 episodes in this series, spread across two seasons, each lasting between 20 and 30 minutes. This show’s executive producer is Jo Sargent, and producer Sarah Fraser is on board as well.

Sick Note Season 3: What Date is Season 3 Coming Out? How Many Seasons of Sick Note Will There Be?

Sick Note: the Complete First Season

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Daniel Glass is diagnosed with terminal oesophageal cancer by Dr. Iain Glennis, an oncologist. In an instant, Daniel is forced to choose between the two options: come clean and return to his previous life of squalor or pretend to be unwell.

His closest buddy Ash is having an affair with his ex-girlfriend Becca. He gets back together with Ash after being dumped by Becca. Ash accidentally falls over Becca’s ledge after Daniel finds out about their relationship.

Only Dr. Glennis can help Daniel dispose of Ash’s body, and he has no choice but to rely on him. They plan to make it appear as if a car hit Ash and fled the scene. The fact that Ash is still alive is found after Glennis had dumped the body on the side of the road. Daniel is shocked to learn that Ash has survived.

There is a marketing effort to leverage Ash’s cancer, so everyone from Daniel to Ash’s wife to his son to his mother arrives at the hospital as soon as we cover makes the decision to do so. Ash has fallen unconscious and is not breathing on his own.

Inadvertently, Dr. Glennis has replaced Ash’s phone with his own. Then Daniel fabricates symptoms of his illness and has himself chemoprophylaxis. He receives true chemotherapy as a result of Dr. Glennis’ stupidity and becomes unwell as a result. Officer Hayward’s inquiry continues.

Ash has locked-in syndrome after coming up from a coma. Later, Ash dies, and Daniel is tormented by an enigmatic figure in the wake of Ash’s passing. He believes Dr. Glennis is responsible for Ash’s death.

Sick Note Season 3: What Date is Season 3 Coming Out? How Many Seasons of Sick Note Will There Be?


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  • Daniel Glass is played by Rupert Grint(Instagram, Twitter).
  • Dr. Iain Glennis is played by Nick Frost(Instagram, Twitter).
  • Kenny West is played by Don Johnson.
  • Becca Palmerstone, played by Pippa Bennett-Warner
  • Actress Marama Corlett was cast as Linda in this movie
  • Ash Matthews is played by Tolu Ogunmefun.
  • Lisa, played by Lolly Adefope, in the film.
  • Annette Glennis is played by Belinda Stewart-Wilson.
  • Michael is played by Karl Theobald.
  • Claire Glass is played by Matilda Thorpe.
  • Vanessa Matthews in Camilla Beeput
  • In the role of Dr. Sampson, Miles Richardson
  • Gordon Glass (David Cann)
  • Daniel Rigby portrays Officer Hayward in the film.
  • Katerina West was played by Lindsay Lohan.
  • Playing Superintendent Henchy is Alison King.
  • Will 5000 is Dustin Demri-Burns’ alias.
Sick Note Season 3: What Date Is Season 3 Coming Out? How Many Seasons of Sick Note Will There Be?

The Persona of the Story

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He Is Known by the Stage Name Rupert Grint

An actor from the United Kingdom, Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint was born in London. Ron Weasley, one of the three major characters in the Harry Potter film series, was the part that made him famous.

It wasn’t until he was eleven years old that he was cast as Harry Potter’s best friend, Weasley.

Frosty the Snowman

Among his many talents, Nicholas Jonathan Frost is a multi-hyphenate entertainer and artist from the United Kingdom.

Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End are among the films he has appeared in, as well as the television show. Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block also included him.


Sick Note Season 3: What Date Is Season 3 Coming Out? How Many Seasons of Sick Note Will There Be?

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Insurance agent Daniel Glass (Rupert Grint) is given the bad news that he has terminal oesophageal cancer by his hapless doctor (Nick Frost), but he decides not to inform anybody. As a result, there are more lies and secrets that must be covered up.

They become partners since each has something to gain from sustaining the facade; nevertheless, a local police officer suspects Daniel may have been involved in a murder case. Once a large enough group joins in, the web of deceptions becomes even deeper, leading to increasingly severe crimes.

Season 3 of Sick Note

When he is wrongly diagnosed with fatal oesophageal cancer by a careless doctor, Daniel Glass sees that everyone around him treats him better and resolves not to inform anybody. More lies and secrets must be covered up as a result.

Both Daniel and the doctor have a vested interest in maintaining their respective personas, so they become allies. Still, a police officer in the area believes that Daniel is involved in a murder investigation. People are caught up in the web of deception, and then criminal acts are undertaken.

What Is the Status of Sick Note’s Third Season?

Sick Note Season 3: What Date Is Season 3 Coming Out? How Many Seasons of Sick Note Will There Be?

The third season of Sick Note has not yet been confirmed.

What Is the Release Date of Sick Note Season 3?

Sick Note hasn’t been officially renewed for a third season by Sky One yet. The next season is yet to be announced for April 2022. As a result, this does not always indicate that the series has been put on ice. It is possible that the program is taking a hiatus and the next season has not yet been announced.

This page will be updated as soon as further information becomes available. Please sign up for updates below and join the discussion in our forums if you want to be alerted when season 3 premieres.

Release Date for Sick Note Season 3

Sick Note Season 3: What Date Is Season 3 Coming Out? How Many Seasons of Sick Note Will There Be?

Rupert Grint and Nick Frost feature in the British dark comedy Sick Note. Written by Nat Saunders and James Serafinowicz with Matt Lipsey directing, it was produced by the two of them as well. It premiered on Sky One on November 7th, 2017.

According to reports in April 2017, the second season of the show had already been commissioned. Netflix throughout the world began broadcasting it in November of this year.

“It’s in limbo,” Saunders said on Twitter in April 2021 when questioned about the future of the program, adding that a comeback appeared improbable. “We wrote the first two episodes of season 3 but nothing ever occurred,” Serafinowicz has previously said.

Sick Note’s creators have chosen to call it quits after two seasons of rating triumph. There will be no further seasons of this show on Netflix, which has been confirmed by the video-on-demand giant.

It’s uncommon for a show to be canceled after doing well for the first two seasons. Matt Lipsey, the film’s director, said he hoped for a better outcome.

Season two of the show was released over four years ago, and there have been some whispers that it would return shortly. The prospects of the show returning are little to none.

However, everything is possible; it is still early in the renewal process and the show can be renewed for a third season if there is increased interest from viewers. Regardless of what happens, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.


We don’t have any trailer for this season.

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