Tekken 8: Is Tekken 8 Going to Be Released? What Will the Plot of Tekken 8 Revolve Around?

After years of anticipation, players have yet to hear anything from Bandai Namco Studios, the company behind Tekken 8. Could Tekken 8, the much-anticipated successor to 2017’s Tekken 7, finally see the light of day in 2022? Find out by reading on.

When it comes to fighting games, “Tekken” has become a byword for quality. Beat ’em up games have been around since the 1990s, and we’ve all played them. On March 18, 2015, Tekken 7 was released as the last installment.

Bandai Namco Studios hasn’t published Tekken 8 in over seven years. We’ll tell you why down below if you’re inquisitive enough to ask. In addition, we’ll go through everything we know so far about Tekken 8, the next big fighting game.

Tekken 8: Is Tekken 8 Going to Be Released? What Will the Plot of Tekken 8 Revolve Around?


New combatants in Tekken 7 are drawn from the series’ past as well as from other sources, giving the game a stunning cadence.

Armor King, Ganryu, Lei Wulong, and Zafina have all been added, and it appears like Kunimitsu will be the next. During this time, a slew of new characters appeared, including Muay Thai monster Fahkumram, the snide Katarina, and the wily Leroy Smith.

They include characters from various games and universes, such as Akuma from Street Fighter and Noctis of Final Fantasy XV, and even Negan (from The Walking Dead) on their roster!

Is Tekken 8 going to be as adventurous as its predecessors? As much as we’d want to think so, the Tekken 8 lineup is still a mystery to us.

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Tekken games have been available on PlayStation consoles for years, but newer releases have also appeared on PC and Xbox. We’d anticipate the next installment to be available on PS5, Xbox S and X, and PC, even if Sony decides to lock the brand in again.

In the past, the series has also offered an arcade release, although it may have to wait in light of the current worldwide epidemic.

Tekken 8: Is Tekken 8 Going to Be Released? What Will the Plot of Tekken 8 Revolve Around?

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Tekken 8 Will Be Available on the Following Systems:

Tekken 8 is expected to be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Arcade. The PS4 and Xbox One of the last generation will not be able to play it. That hasn’t been confirmed, however.

We expect Tekken 8 to be launched on last-generation platforms somewhere between 2022 and 2023. The lack of semiconductors and problems with the global supply chain is to blame.

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Is Tekken 8 Going to Be a Playstation 5 Exclusive?

For now, it appears that Tekken 8 will be a PlayStation 5-exclusive, with no plans to release it on PlayStation 4. However, as gamers around the world struggle to get their hands on the PS5, things might change.

Tekken 8: Is Tekken 8 Going to Be Released? What Will the Plot of Tekken 8 Revolve Around?

Release Date Prognosis for Tekken 8 in North America and Europe

For years, Tekken 8 has been a hot topic on the Internet. As of now, Bandai Namco Studios has not released any official information on the release date of Tekken 8. According to a Tekken 8 fansite, the arcade version of the game will be released in Japan on February 10, 2021.

Tekken 8: Judgement Justice was released on May 11, 2021, and included characters from previous Tekken games. Despite this, Tekken 8’s global release has yet to get an official update.

Tekken 8 may be released on December 1, 2022, according to the same website. However, according to TheTealMango.com, Tekken 8 will not be released until February 2023 at the earliest.

Tekken 8: Is Tekken 8 Going to Be Released? What Will the Plot of Tekken 8 Revolve Around?

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The Release of Tekken 8 Has Still Not Occurred

Tekken games are notoriously slow to get out thanks to Bandai Namco’s meticulous production process. Tekken 7 was developed over the course of six years.

The development cycle for every Tekken game (excluding spin-offs) has been the same. Tekken 8’s release date hasn’t been updated since the seventh year of the twentieth century.

It is possible that the developer needs extra time to improve the next Tekken game before it is released. An extensive array of new and intriguing features is anticipated for the forthcoming Tekken game.

Before announcing a new game, the developer will have to add new mechanisms or rework old ones. They’ll also have to put in the time to craft a compelling plot and memorable characters for the film. Everything takes time, which is presumably why Tekken 8 hasn’t been released yet.


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