Hilda Season 3: Has Hilda Been Cancelled by Netflix? Is There Going to Be the Third Season of Glitch?

We all need a little bit of lighthearted imagination to get us through the day from time to time. That’s when Hilda steps to the rescue.

The adventures of Hilda, a cute little girl with spiky red hair, are the focus of this animated comedy, which takes viewers on a trip through the greatest moments of childhood.

It is Hilda’s supernatural friends that accompany her on her journeys. The second season of this Netflix original series, which debuted in 2018, is based on the Luke Pearson-authored graphic novel series of the same name.

Fans are eagerly anticipating what the future holds for the amusing cartoon. There will also be a 70-minute-long movie special for the series, which is expected to wind out its second season.

However, there has been no sign that Netflix will soon be able to stream the whole third season. It’s unclear what will happen to Hilda in the future, much as the contents of a prospective season 3 remain a well-held secret.

Hilda Season 3: Has Hilda Been Cancelled by Netflix? Is There Going to Be the Third Season of Glitch?

Hilda’s First and Second Seasons

I like the way Hilda’s novel blended urban fantasy with science fiction. Big monsters and witch pals greeted Hilda on her journey into the strange realm. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you’ll be hooked till the finish because of the show’s comic timing.

In the first season of Hilda, we learned more about Hilda’s past. She and her mother used to live in a lovely home tucked away in the woods. However, a giant stomped on their home and smashed it to bits.

Tillberg, the city of many secrets, became Hilda and her mother’s new home. David and Frida were two of her new buddies in this metropolis. Their travels included encounters with various creatures and spirits that they had to overcome together as a group of three.

Hilda, on the Other Hand, Developed New Bonds With These Enchanted Beings Through Time

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Season 2 of Hilda kicked off with Erik Ahlberg, the leader of the town’s safety patrol, revealing his secret credo. At the library, she made an effort to learn more with the assistance of Frida. David, on the other hand, became embroiled in a conflict between two Viking tribes.

Hilda was able to go back in time after reading an enchanted magazine for a while. For the benefit of a friend, she traveled back in time. Hilda and her mother, on the other hand, set off on a journey to rescue Twig. Despite David and Frida’s best efforts, they were unable to locate them.

This is Hilda’s body at the conclusion of season one.

Hilda Season 3: Has Hilda Been Cancelled by Netflix? Is There Going to Be the Third Season of Glitch?

The Third Season of Hilda: What’s in Store?

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Because the final story arc hasn’t been concluded by the conclusion of the second season, we may expect a movie special. A 70-minute movie special will be shown on the network’s website. The Stone Forest arc and ‘Hilda and the Mountain King’ will be included in this one-shot.

However, the season 3 storyline description has yet to be officially announced. According to a number of publications, the tale will follow the original storybook as well.


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She’s an adventurous preteen Sparrow Scout who likes to explore new places with her pet deer fox, Twig. She was raised in the woods and soon finds herself in the city of Stolberg, where she struggles mightily to fit in.

Hilda, on the other hand, quickly adapts to her new home and surroundings, ultimately becoming street smart, enrolling in school, learning to ride a bike, and forming new social circles. As she tries to find her way back to civilization, she momentarily transforms into a troll.

As Hilda’s closest friend, a fellow Sparrow Scout, a witch-in-training, and one of the finest students in their school. Because of her organizational abilities, she has achieved numerous badges as a Sparrow Scout.

Matilda Pilqvist instructs her to become a witch with Hilda as her familiar, and she becomes adept at a wide range of strong spells.

Hilda and Frida’s second-closest buddy and fellow Sparrow Scout, David (voiced by Oliver Nelson). His terror of insects, insecurity, and passion for collecting pebbles make him vulnerable. However, despite this, he is an admirable friend and ally. In the past, David has been hesitant to go on perilous expeditions with Hilda and Frida.

Hilda Season 3: Has Hilda Been Cancelled by Netflix? Is There Going to Be the Third Season of Glitch?

David’s Singing Voice Is That of Ilan Galkoff

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Mother Johanna (voiced by Daisy Haggard). – Hilda’s mother, a graphic artist who also works at a convenience shop As much as Johanna is willing to put up with Hilda’s antics, she’s nonetheless concerned when the girl finds herself in a dangerous situation without informing her about it beforehand.

As a result, she relocated the family from their isolated cabin in the woods to an urban apartment so that Hilda might benefit from a more regular schooling and social life.

Aldric of Aldor (voiced by Rasmus Hardiker). – Elf Hilda travels to Trolberg to learn about city life.

Voiced by John Hopkins, the character of Erik Ahlberg Head of Trolberg’s safety patrol, is an unskilled and self-obsessed individual. This is the second season of the show.

Ahlberg’s right-hand woman, Lucy Montgomery’s Gerda Gustav. Deputy Gustav, on the other hand, is incredibly knowledgeable and really concerned about the safety of the citizens of Stolberg. In (Season 2).


There is no mention of any of the performers named here in the end credits, simply “Additional Voices.” Other sources provide details on particular characters, so it’s possible that they’ve played more than the ones listed here.

She’s referred to as “the librarian” throughout the series, and she assists Hilda with her study. After discovering she is a witch, Kaisa takes on a more prominent role in season two.

This character, Trevor (voiced by Reece Pockney), is a neighborhood bully.

In Hilda’s old woodland home, the Wood Man (voiced by Ako Mitchell) is a brown tree-like figure who comes regularly. He enters the house without knocking on the door on a regular basis.

Hilda Season 3: Has Hilda Been Cancelled by Netflix? Is There Going to Be the Third Season of Glitch?

Season 3 of Hilda

Hilda and her mother are trapped in a troll-infested stone forest in Season 2’s last episode, “The Stone Forest,” where Twig and her mother and sister are also trapped.

It doesn’t matter that Frida and David are in terrible danger; they’re on the hunt. After a lengthy wait, the Raven rescues Hilda, Twig, and Johanna and returns them to their family. After the episode, Johanna brings Hilda breakfast.

While trying to awaken Hilda, she is shocked to discover that the Troll baby, Baba, is sleeping in her daughter’s bed, but Hilda is seen playing with a Troll family in the Stone Forest, much to her chagrin. Hilda:

We’ll get to see more of Hilda’s world in the third season. That next movie won’t be about Stone Forest, Hilda’s story may continue in Season 3.

The Release Date for Hilda Season 3

This year, Netflix will release the second season of “Hilda” on December 14, 2020. Season 2 is divided into thirteen 24-minute episodes.

This is everything we know thus far about the third season. Even though we haven’t heard anything about a third installment, the cliffhanger at the end of the previous episode has given us hope.

There is now a 70-minute feature in progress for those who like the series. For yet, there is no indication that the film’s storyline will begin at the end of season 2 (or that it will take place on its own).

Because of these factors, the movie will likely be published after the completion of season 2, which means that fans may have to wait a bit longer.

Thus, we may expect the third season of ‘Hilda’ to be published in 2022 if another season is produced.


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