To Say That Moon Knight Is “the Origin Story of a Much Bigger Thing” Is An Understatement.

With the rise of comic book culture in recent years, it is no surprise that the Marvel Cinematic Universe film franchise is breaking records. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an American media franchise that has been functioning under different names since the 1930s. It is a shared universe based on a plethora of superhero films which is produced by Marvel Studios.

The narratives and characters are based on those American comic books published by Marvel Comics. In this sense, Marvel films attract both film fanatics and comic book fans. In fact, as of August 2021, the Marvel Cinematic Universe series was the highest-grossing film franchise with total worldwide box office revenue of 22.93 billion U.S. dollars. This is owing to the fact that Marvel has used its decades of experience in the comic book industry to create some of the most famous films in Hollywood.

Indeed, the Marvel Universe is not only famous for its production of comic books and films. It has also achieved success through its creation and distribution of TV series like Agent Carter and Wandavision. The Marvel Cinematic Universe first made its way onto television screens following the creation of Marvel Television in 2010.

This studio produced 12 series with ABC Studios and its production division ABC Signature Studios from September 2013 to October 2020. These TV series debuted across broadcast, streaming, and cable on ABC, Netflix and Hulu, and Freeform. The main ABC series was called the Marvel Heroes and was influenced by the films and Marvel film characters. The integration of this universe allowed for a crossover with the Marvel Knights tv series on Netflix.

Following the cessation of Marvel Television in December 2019, Marvel Studios started becoming associated with Disney+ which became a popular streaming service. This led to the creation of a series on this platform with plans for many more. The narratives in these series are usually based on supporting characters from the films, while others focus on new characters that are set to make their debut in future Marvel films.

A large part of the new success of the Marvel Studios series is that they have much bigger budgets than Marvel Television series did and allow for a deeper connection with the films that had previously been neglected with Marvel Television.

One exciting television series that is set to premiere on Disney + on March 30 2022 is Moon Knight which is based on the Marvel Comics superhero called Moon Knight. This will be the eighteenth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the tenth installment of Phase Four.

There are expected to be six episodes, with each episode predicted to be around 40 to 50 minutes in length. The director of four of these episodes is named Mohamed Diab with directing associated Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead in charge of the remaining two episodes.

This series follows a character called Steven Grant who is otherwise known as Marc Spector. This role is assumed by Oscar Isaac who will be at the forefront of this Marvel Cinematic Universe series playing a brutal vigilante with multiple personas and as a mercenary who is plagued by a dissociative identity disorder. Although Oscar Isaac has previously played a character in the Marvel universe, it is difficult to disassociate the actor from his previous work.

Many would typically associate Oscar Isaac with his recent work like Card Counter where he plays William Tell who is a gambler and former serviceman. By watching Isaac’s character playing cards, we envisage ourselves having the same success as him and we try to get the same buzz when we visit online casinos and try our hand at a game of blast sit & go poker.

However, it is slightly more difficult to relate and mimic the actions of his character in Moon Knight. In the comics, Moon Knight is frequently gifted with the ability to have more strength during periods when the night has full moons. His supernatural abilities also typically manifest in his prophetic visions and dreams as well as the power to take people’s lives from them if he physically interacts with them.

This differs from a large portion of his storylines in the comics as he is depicted as having no supernatural powers and instead resorting to man-made weapons and skills to use to his advantage. It will be interesting to glimpse how Oscar Isaac takes on the role of a character whose power is intricately connected to the moon and the effects that this has.

In summary, Marvel has produced and created some of the most famous fictional heroes in the United States. The success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe lies in its ability to breathe life into the comic book characters and narrative so that they translate seamlessly onto the big screen. In doing so, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has managed to capture the imagination of comic book and film fanatics.

In recent years, the company has managed to leverage its decades of experience in comic books to develop TV series which included characters from both the comic books and the films. In this way, the Marvel Universe is not set to diminish in its popularity any time soon as many are expected to tune in to the new series Moon Knight when it debuts this year.

Success doesn’t seem to be stopping there, as they have expanded into other industries with the Guardians of the Galaxy game receiving rave reviews and Insomniac’s Spiderman 2 set to invade stores next year. Many franchises seem to be capitalizing on consumers’ interests in fantasy genres with Star Wars Hunters Multiplayer rumored for a 2022 release. What can be said though is the future looks bright for Marvel Studios with many new projects on the horizon.

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