Solo Leveling Game: Everything You Need to Know About This Series!

The popular web novel series Solo Leveling is getting its own video game adaptation. The adaption, which was presented during Netmarble’s most recent press event, would be a PC and mobile action RPG.

Here’s all you need to know about the Solo Leveling game, including the release date, playable characters, and the current state of the manhwa.

What Is Solo Leveling, Exactly?

Solo Leveling is a Korean manhwa online novel series written by Chu-Gong and illustrated by Jang “Dubu” Sang-rak of Redice Studio.

In a modern future where humans can possess magical abilities and become hunters, Sung Jin-woo, a lowly E-rank hunter, is trying to pay his mother’s hospital bills.

Despite his reputation as the world’s weakest hunter, he survives by participating in dungeon raids on a regular basis.

After his company abandoned him in a treacherous twin lair, Jin-woo surprisingly completed a secret assignment, earning him the opportunity to become a “player,” a privileged position that allows him to clear dungeons, obtain missions, and raise his stats on his own.

When Is the Solo Leveling Game Coming Out?

The Solo Leveling game is currently in development by Netmarble Neo. The gaming company released a gameplay trailer during its fifth Netmarble Together with Press (NTP) event. There is no official release date as of yet.

The company’s latest roster of 20 major titles, according to Netmarble CEO Kwon Young-sik, is part of the company’s goal of having strong in-house IPs.

The trailer showed off some of the characters you’ll be able to play as in the action RPG, as well as a few quick hack-and-slash combos a la Devil May Cry.

The Story:

In the world of Solo Leveling, you’ll find hunters and gates. Hunters are superhuman beings with remarkable abilities. Every hunter has a rank, with the lowest being E and the highest being S. To safeguard humanity from the dangers that lie within, the hunters must invade the dungeons. Lethal monsters and rare items only found in tjr can be found in the Dungeons or Gates.

The storey centres around Sung Jinwoo, who is known as the world’s weakest hunter and has always been on the point of death. One day, he enters a dungeon with a party that is unaware that they are a rare class. Sung Jinwoo and the others are confined in a chamber with no way out.

The gang must pass different tests in the chamber in order to survive, with the final exam being a sacrifice. Sung Jinwoo sacrifices his life so that the party’s surviving members can live. However, just before his sacrifice, the System, a piece of software, chooses him as its sole player. He can use this system to develop strength, skills, and other benefits. It’s a one-of-a-kind ability that lets you level up past all known boundaries.

Then we join Sung Jinwoo on his travels as he fights his way through the dungeons to level up while learning more about his System and the cause for the dungeons’ appearance. The storey then shifts to the world, where Jung Sinwoo realises the ugliness of the universe.

In the Solo Leveling game, the following characters have been played thus far:

  • Sung Jin-woo is a Korean actor.
  • Hae-in Cha
  • Fighter is a combat class.
  • Ranger is a type of character.


Below is the first trailer for the new game, which was released concurrently with the announcement. It includes gameplay as well as cutscenes that will be shown in the game at some time.


Solo Leveling tells the storey of Sung Jinwoo, a week hunter who joins a group of hunters in a secret dungeon. However, things go horribly wrong, and his entire team is killed. When he wakes up, he realises that he has been given access to a secret system that allows him to increase his power merely by killing enemies. This is the narrative of Jin Woo’s solo levelling.

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