Dollface Season 3 Release Date: Is Season 3 of Dollface Being Renewed or Cancelled?

Dollface is an American comedy streaming television series that debuted on Hulu on November 15, 2019, and was created by Jordan Weiss.

Dollface has two seasons, each with 10 episodes that last between 22–32 minutes. When a franchise has two seasons and the potential for more in the future, the fandom frequently notices and speculates on whether the series will be renewed or cancelled in the middle of the story.

So, we have some bad news for the Dollface fans who are eagerly awaiting the next instalment. Sadly, the anticipation for binge-watching Dollface Season 3 was short-lived when the show’s cancellation was made public. What is known about Dollface Season 3 is shown below.

Dollface Season 3: Will it Happen?

Despite having two seasons in the franchise and receiving generally positive reviews, Hulu has officially cancelled Dollface Season 3. Despite the series’ mixed reception from critics, it was able to capture the interest of viewers who binge-watched the first two seasons and were hoping for a third.

Dollface Season 3

The second season ended on a potential cliffhanger that will not be resolved as a result of the abrupt cancellation, which is devastating news for the audience because those who spent so much time watching the series won’t be able to say goodbye to these characters with a proper series concluding plot.

Was the Third Season of Dollface Planned?

The final episode of the second season, Birthday Girl, did have a potential cliffhanger. Viewers of the episode saw Jules tell Celeste that she will be leaving Woöm while they were waiting for CAMLA to respond. Jules, however, discovers that her new employment is no longer open.

Celeste acknowledges that she needs to move on when Jules tries to get in touch with her at the airport before she departs for the Maldives and demands her job back.

Liam grants Izzy’s second chance request, and the two get back together. The group attends Stella and Liv’s tavern, The Gi Spot, which successful launch later in the episode.

Madison and Ruby make up, Izzy becomes Celeste’s new right-hand woman, and Jules and Fender start dating. Liv is informed by Stella that she is prepared to fully commit to her, but she wants to keep their relationship strictly business-related for Bruno’s benefit.

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After their birthday vacation to Greece did not go as planned, Jules, together with Stella and Izzy, surprised Madison with a virtual trip to Greece that Jules built in her garage.

This conclusion makes it clear that the show’s makers likely hoped for a second season if it were to be picked up by Hulu. Sadly, the network has now shortened it owing to the abrupt ending, so the fans won’t be able to obtain the satisfying resolution they rightfully deserve.

Dollface Season 3: Cast

Brenda Song (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody), Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars), and Esther Povitsky (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) are all likely to return if Season 3 is created, in addition to Dennings (WandaVision).

Season 2 goes beyond Jules to explore how each of the women deals with growing older in the face of a pandemic, as Song explained to ScreenRant — a theme that might be continued in future seasons.

Dollface Season 3

“The pleasure of Season 2 is that all of the girls participate in this element,” Song said. “Watching Stella, Izzy, and Madison in this universe with [Jules] is amazing.” Instead of Jules being the only one who is anxious, all of the girls are anxious.”

This site will be updated when more information on Season 3 becomes available.

Dollface Season 3: Plot Summary

At the end of Season 2, Jules resigned to Celeste, who was pleasantly happy for her. Jules, on the other hand, is desperate to “leave” when she finds that her new employer is no longer accessible.

Her subconscious, on the other hand, told her to stay focused on her goals and to keep working. Jules and Fender are doing well in their personal lives.Dollface Season 3

Ruby and Stella have a talk, but their relationship is still strained due to their respective professional endeavours. On the other hand, Izzy and Liam reunite. Furthermore, Izzy looks to have the ability to become Celeste’s new pillar of support. Madison’s birthday is commemorated in the season’s final moments.

If the show is renewed for a third season, we’ll be able to learn more about Jules’ personal and professional life. She is now in limbo as a result of a difficult work scenario.

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Even though Ruby and Stella have decided that they no longer want to be in a relationship, if they continue to do business together, things may not go as smoothly as they had hoped. Izzy’s life, meanwhile, looks to be taking an unexpected turn. As a result, what happens between her and Madison will be intriguing to see.

Dollface Season 3: Trailer

Hulu has not published any information on Dollface Season 3 at this time. Here’s a trailer from the previous season if you want to stay up with the series.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Made Dollface Get Cancelled?

Several Months Have Passed Since the Comedy’s Second Season, Which Debuted in February but Suffered From Covid-caused Production Delays.

Is Dollface’s Conclusion Left Hanging?

In the Season Two Finale, Birthday Girl, There Was a Potential Cliffhanger.


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