Dopesick Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed or Cancelled by Hulu?

After watching season 1 of Dopesick, fans can’t wait for season 2 of the show. Has Hulu cancelled Dopesick or picked it up for a second season? If you want to get latest update on the cancellation and renewal status of Dopesick season 2, then you are landing on the right page. In this article you can find out what’s going on with Dopesick season two.

Here is everything you need to know about Dopesick season 2.

What Is Dopesick All About?

Dopesick is an American drama miniseries made by Danny Strong. It is based on the nonfiction book Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company That Addicted America by Beth Macy. On October 13, 2021, the first three episodes of the eight-part series went live on Hulu.

Dopesick Season 2 Release Date

Dopesick is about “the epicentre of America’s struggle with opioid addiction” in the U.S., how it affects individuals and families, alleged conflicts of interest between government agencies like the FDA and DOJ and Purdue Pharma, and the legal case against Purdue Pharma and how they made, tested, and sold the drug OxyContin.

Each episode is between 57 and 65 minutes long. There are eight episodes in the first season. The first episode of the show came out on Hulu on October 13, 2021, and you can still watch it. The story of the show is unique and full of passion and emotion. The acting and delivery of dialogue in the series are top-notch.

Dopesick Season 2: Release Date

The first episode of Dopesick aired on Hulu on October 13, 2021. The first episode will be shown at the Virginia Film Festival on October 30, 2021. After that, Danny Strong and Beth Macy will talk about it. The series started airing internationally on November 12, 2021, on the Star content portal of Disney+, Disney+ Hotstar, and Star+. The first two episodes aired that day, and new episodes came out every Wednesday.

Hulu hasn’t said yet if there will be a second season of the show. Also, when talking to a fan in November 2021, the show’s creator Danny Strong wouldn’t say for sure that the show wouldn’t go on in any way. Strong was optimistic about the possibility of a second season, but he warned that there had been no official talks about a second season yet.

So, whether or not there will be a second season depends on how well the first season does. If the show is more popular than the streamer thought it would be, the company may buy a second season. Fans shouldn’t have too high of hopes for the drama series, since it’s based on a non-fiction book with a tightly wrapped story. In fact, it is being sold as a miniseries right now.

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If, on the other hand, a second season is really approved in the next few months, Strong’s team will need time to do more research and come up with another interesting plot for the show. According to the HansMagazine, the second season of “Dopesick” might come out in 2023.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Dopesick Season 2?

The main characters in “Dopesick” are Dr. Samuel Finnix, played by Michael Keaton, Richard Sackler, played by Michael Stuhlbarg, and Rick Mountcastle played by Peter Sarsgaard.

Will Poulter (Billy Cutler), Rosario Dawson (Bridget Meyer), Kaitlyn Dever (Betsy Mallum), and John Hoogenakker make up the rest of the main cast.

Jake McDorman (John Brownlee), Jaime Ray Newman (Kathe Sackler), and Phillipa Soo also play characters who show up more than once.

Dopesick Season 2 Release Date

Along with the main cast, Keaton, Stuhlbarg, Sarsgaard, and Hoogenakker are all likely to be back for a possible second season. Depending on the plot, the other actors may also play the same roles again. Given what happened to her character in the first season, Dever is almost certainly not coming back. But if the show is picked up for a second season, the producers might decide to start over with a whole new cast.

The first season of “Dopesick” starts with Richard Sackler coming up with OxyContin, which is an opioid-based painkiller. It starts with when the drug first came out on the market and ends with the case against Purdue Pharma. Mountcastle and Ramseyer are able to show that OxyContin was mislabeled and that Purdue Pharma did wrong in the end. This gets Purdue a lot of bad press and big fines from the government.

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If there is a second season, it is possible that it will focus on other drug companies that contributed to the opioid crisis. In the season 1 finale, Mountcastle and Ramseyer are getting ready to take on a case involving another pharmaceutical business. Their new investigation may be the focus of the next season. Strong has said that he wants to talk about what happened after 2007 with the opioid crisis in a possible second season.

Ratings and Reviews of Season 1 of Dopesick

Rotten Tomatoes, a website that collects reviews, gave Season 1 an average score of 7.4/10 based on 64 critical reviews, which means that 88 per cent of people liked it. The general opinion of the website’s reviewers is that “Dopesick sometimes falls apart under the weight of its subject matter, but Michael Keaton and Kaitlyn Dever’s great performances and a compassionate approach to the real people affected by the opioid crisis make for terrifying drama.” Based on reviews from 25 critics, Metacritic gave it a score of 68 out of 100, which means “generally good reviews.”

Kristen Baldwin of Entertainment Weekly said, “Dopesick does a good job of corralling the huge addiction crisis through intimate, very interesting stories of individual suffering.”

In a review for USA Today, Kelly Lawler gave the show three stars and said that the cast was “outstanding and compassionate,” which helped the show feel real. Keaton is at his best in this movie because he is able to play a character who is full of contradictions and changes.

Is There an Official Trailer for Season 2 of Dopesick?

As we know there is no official announcement on Dopesick Season 2. So there is no trailer yet. You can watch the trailer for season first of Dopesick below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can We Watch Season 1 of Dopesick?

People who want to see Dopesick will be able to stream it on Hulu, but they will have to pay for a membership to do so. Outside of the United States, you can also watch Dopesick episodes as a Star Original on Disney+. The first season of Dopesick can now be watched in its entirety on Hulu.

Are Dopesick’s Characters Real?

Most of the characters are made up, but they are based on real people who have had problems with opioid addiction. The creators say that they didn’t want to be limited to just one person’s story, so they put together stories from many different people.


Dopesick has not yet been picked up for a second season. So, there is no word yet on whether or not Dopesick will have a second season. We think that Dopesick will be renewed for a second season soon. Because people like the first season of the show Dopesick. If we find out anything new, we’ll add it here.

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