Is Longmire Season 7 Got Cancellation From Netflix?

Longmire’s seventh season is one of the most-anticipated shows on TV. A seventh season of the Longmire TV show has been highly anticipated by those who were sad to see the show end after season six. The release of the seventh episode has not been announced officially.

The show was well-received by those who enjoy crime dramas. For fans of crime dramas, the Longmire TV series quickly became must-be viewing. Now that a new season of Longmire has begun, fans are eager to know if the show will return for a seventh season. If you want to find out more about Season 7, keep reading this page.

When Will Longmire Season 7 Hit on Our Screens?

So far, there has been no news about season 7 of Longmire, and it’s not likely that it will happen. According to the Deadline, Longmire would come to an end with season 6.

In the sixth season, things got very exciting. Season 6 shows how things kept going from one season to the next. In the end, it has a happy ending. There was a lot of talk about Jack’s death (began), Jake’s injuries (finished), and Will’s return (beginning).

Longmire Season 7

In the last five seasons, the characters have come a long way. They are not the same people anymore. Victor and his two siblings were raised by an uncle who was mean and careless after their parents died in a plane crash.

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The children went hungry, were hurt, and were not cared for. Cady felt alone because her father and brother had been through so much pain that it was hard for them to connect with her. The trip they took together has brought them to this moment of truth. When the group’s discovery comes to a head is the most important part of 6.

Is Longmire Season 7 Got Cancellation?

When Netflix decided to give Longmire the sixth season, it was also said that it would be the last. Without ratings or viewership data, though, it’s harder to figure out why the streaming service cancelled Longmire after six seasons. We have some good ideas, though, that don’t have to do with ratings.

First, it’s possible that Longmire just ran out of steam. By the end of the sixth season, the show had already covered a lot of the material from Johnson’s best-selling book series, which was the show’s inspiration. So instead of trying to go beyond the original story, it’s possible that the writers decided to stop.

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Actors’ contracts could be another reason why the movie wasn’t made. Many contracts today are for six seasons, and while there’s no real evidence that this was the cause—after all, many shows have run longer than six seasons because actors have signed new contracts over the years—still it’s possible that Taylor and/or other actors didn’t want to sign new contracts to keep the show going. Because of these contracts, shows also get more expensive as they go on, which could have been another reason for the cancellation.

Trailer of Longmire Season 7

As we know there is no official announcement on Longmire Season 7. So there is no trailer yet. You can watch the trailer for season 6 of Longmire below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can We Watch All the Seasons of Longmire?

There are currently 6 seasons of Longmire that can be streamed on Peacock. You can also enjoy it on Netflix, Prime Video and Apple TV.

Did Longmire Come to an Ending?

After six seasons, “Longmire” ended on Netflix almost four years ago, and fans of the modern western show are still talking about the ending.

At the End of Longmire, What Happens to Henry?

After Hector dies, Henry takes on the role of Hector. The Cheyenne were left without hope because they thought their vigilante was dead. Hector gave people hope that justice would be done in the form of Hector. At the end of the series, Henry buys the casino and runs it himself.


In the end, we might never really know why Netflix shut down. We only know for sure that Netflix added three more seasons to Longmire than it would have had otherwise, which is hard to be upset about.

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