Hellbound Season 2: Is It Cancelled or Renewed in 2022?

After watching Hellbound’s first scene, you’ll be hooked, just like the characters who are taken to hell by demonic creatures that kill anybody sentenced to death by visiting “angels” are.

“Hellbound” is a fascinating television show based on the same-named webcomic. It takes place in a society in which a select few people get ominous visions that foretell their deaths, down to the hour. When it’s their turn to pass away, three grey creatures resembling the Hulk emerge, kill the person and carry their soul to Hell with them.

The popular 2021 Toronto International Film Festival included the first Korean drama series, and viewers showed their utmost appreciation for it. Is ‘Hellbound’ going to get a second season from the writers?

Here is everything you want to know about Hellbound season 2.

Hellbound Season 2: Cast

The season 2 casts of “Hellbound” are listed below.

  • Yang Ik-June Bae as Jin Kyung-hoon
  • Park Jeong-min as Young-Jae
  • Kim Hyun-Joo as Min Hye-jin
  • Won Jin-ah as Song So-Hyun

In addition, Jeong Jin-soo. The second season of “Hellbound” will also feature a number of fresh faces.

Hellbound Season 2: Expected Plot

In the season one finale of Hellbound, Soyhun questions Deacon Yuji about her baby’s unfortunate destiny and why it happened. They plan to separate the mother and her baby so no one finds out that individuals without sin can still be damned to hell.

Thankfully, Min Hye-jin saves the day by kicking cult ass in the hallway outside. Min smuggles the family to a safe house after the rescue. She has no idea that the man she trusts is Lee Dongwook, the cult’s mad YouTuber who used to preach the cult’s religion online before the decrees.

While he initially helps by releasing a video criticizing the cult’s original sin ideology, he betrays Min and tries to kill everyone. Maybe a “Messiah”?

Hellbound Season 2

Before Lee can murder the infant and cover up God’s “error,” the demons arrive to kill the baby. For protection, the parents bind themselves around the newborn and burn in their glow.

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The baby is held by his parents’ burnt remains. Is this the first decree survivor? Possibly. The Messiah then intervenes and tries to stab the baby. “The message is too complex!” he yells.

The demons arrive barely in time to kill Lee. Is the youngster a new “Messiah”? The mob protects him from the cult’s influence. Min retrieves the infant and flees in a taxi.

“I don’t care about God,” the driver admits. “But one thing is certain: this world is ours.” We should deal with our own… You agree?”

The camera follows us and Min as we ponder those final words. But that’s not all. Just when you believe Hellbound’s first season is ended, we cut to Park Jeong-burnt ja’s remains, where the room shakes and the body begins to reassemble. Miraculously, the “sinner” has returned from Hell, assuming she was ever there.

Season two of Hellbound will undoubtedly explore what happens when the dead return in this manner. How will this change society’s perception of death and demonic visitations? Due to the twisted nature of season one, we wouldn’t be surprised if the “angels” aren’t actually angels.

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“For the second season, I hope a completely new universe, a third realm that is neither paradise nor hell appears,” Yoo Ah-in told Korea Joongang Daily. What if this ‘hell’ that everyone feared was truly a four-dimensional reality that no one knew about? And I hope that, like Park Jung-ja, Jin-su will be restored. What will these revived beings do to this world?”

Hellbound Season 2: Release Date

“Hellbound” Season 1 debuted on Netflix on November 19, 2021. There were only six episodes in that season, but they were all intensely compelling and left fans clamouring for more.

Hellbound Season 2

Although the second season of “Hellbound” has no official release date and the first season left many things unsolved, it appears that the show’s makers had a second season in mind. If it occurs, “Hellbound” Season 2 might air in the late summer of 2023.

Hellbound Season 2: Trailer

As we know there is no official announcement on Hellbound Season 2. So there is no trailer yet. You can watch the trailer for season first of Hellbound below.


Filming for Hellbound took place between September 17th, 2020, and January 18th, 2021. As a result, it took a little over 14 months from the start of production to the Netflix release date. The second season of Hellbound won’t be accessible on Netflix until no early than 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Hellbound Get a Season 2?

According to Reports From Media Outlets on June 7, Netflix’s Well-liked Drama “Hellbound” Has Reportedly Been Renewed for a Second Season.

How Many Seasons Are There in Hellbound?

Since Hellbound Season One Has Just Been Launched, as You Are Aware, We Didn’t Have Time to Talk With Netflix About That Problem.

Why Did the Baby in Hellbound Survive?

The Fact That the Parents Gave Their Lives in Order to Save Their Child Proves Their Unwavering Love for Them. The Infant Was Probably Never Intended to Die and Was Instead the First Step Toward a New World Order.

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