Lockwood and Co Release Date and Latest News on Joe Cornish’s Netflix Series!

Lockwood & Co., a Netflix original series, features a London where the dead are free to wander. Characters Lucy Carlyle, Anthony Lockwood, and George Cubbins run a Psychic Detection Agency called Lockwood & Co. in this eight-part drama series. Teens face up against ghosts during the night.

The series, based on the novels by Jonathan Stroud, features an ensemble cast that includes Ruby Stokes, Morven Christie, Luke Treadaway, and Ben Crompton. To that end, here is all you need to know about Lockwood & Co., a terrifying adventure series available on Netflix.

What Lockwood & Co. Is About?

In Lockwood & Co., a plague of ghosts terrorizes England, rising from the soil to terrorize the populace. These aliens are so lethal that they may murder infants, therefore we must all remain on guard at all times.

In the streets of London, teenagers who specialize in ghost hunting spend their time fighting off terrible demons. A gang of psychically-talented young adults formed a team to battle ghosts.

Lockwood and Co Release Date

Anthony Lockwood, the young businessman who leads the gang and serves as its main protagonist, has a mysterious past. His sidekick, George, and a newcomer, Lucy, join forces to solve the ghostly mystery that has plagued their community.

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They were a trio unencumbered by monetary concerns or parental control. Collectively, they were about to uncover a huge conspiracy that would alter the course of history forever.

Release Date of Lockwood & Co.

According to Netflix life, On Friday, January 27, 2023, the British detective thriller series will become available to stream on Netflix & all eight episodes of the season at 1:00 a.m. PT/6:00 a.m. ET.

Lockwood & Co: Cast

Many viewers are psyched for the new Lockwood Co. series after hearing the show’s stellar star list.  We’ll begin with the most famous of them all, Ruby Stokes, who has become a household figure thanks to the much-anticipated tv series Bridgerton. In the role of Lucy Carlyle, one of London’s most fearless ghost hunters, Ruby will be the show’s star.
Cameron Chapman, who plays Anthony Lockwood, is newcomer making his big-screen debut. Also joining the cast of Lockwood & Co are the following:
  • Ivanno Jeremiah (Humans) as Inspector Barnes
  • Luke Treadaway (Attack the Block) as The Golden Blade
  • Morven Christie (The Bay) as Penelope Fittes
  • Jack Bandeira (Gunpowder Milkshake) as Quill Kipps

Lockwood and Co Release Date

  • Ben Crompton (Game of Thrones) as Julius Winkelman
  • Hayley Konadu (Imperfect) as Flo Bones
  • Rhianna Dorris (The Kid Who Would Be King) as Kat Godwin
  • Paddy Holland (Invasion) as Bobby Vernon

Ali Hadji-Alex Heshmati’s Rider rounds out the ghost-hunting trio, lending his detective abilities to support Lucy Carlyle’s ghostly goals. Lockwood & Co. looks quite good for the fantasy genre, despite Netflix’s recent successes in that area.

Expected Plot of Lockwood & Co

A plague of ghosts spreads throughout England, releasing ghouls into the population, as depicted in Lockwood & Co. These extraterrestrial beings can murder any living thing they encounter, save for newborn babies.

Lockwood and Co Release Date

In order to fight back against the ghosts, our feisty protagonist, Lucy Carlyle (Ruby Stokes), moves to London & starts working for a small paranormal detection agency called Lockwood & Co.

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It is run by the dashing young man Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman) & his competent assistant George Cubbin (Ali Hadji-Heshmati). The three investigators, armed with cutting-edge technology & tons of courage, face some of the scariest hauntings in the capital as well as fierce competition from a larger rival agency.

Trailer for Lockwood & Co.

The official trailer for Lockwood & Co. has been made available on Netflix, and it looks very horrific. Take a look at what’s down here. You may also view a movie that provides additional information about the books just below that –

Where You Can Watch Lockwood & Co. Season 1?

Lockwood & Co. is on Netflix, therefore we call it “Netflix’s Lockwood & Co.” The British detective thriller will reportedly be on Netflix by 2022. Winter or summer, it happens. The book will probably be published in the summer.

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Lockwood & Co won’t appear on Netflix until the creators say so. Netflix wouldn’t buy a bad program, therefore it must be original and interesting. Fans are waiting with bated breath.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Episodes of Lockdown and Co Have in Total?

It has been revealed that the first season of Lockwood & Co will consist of a total of eight episodes, each of which will have a running time of around one hour. 1 hour in length, with eight separate parts! However, that does sound like a nice deal.

Which Lockwood & Co. Novels Will Be Adapted for the Television Show?

The Streaming Staircase is the title of the first novel in the book series that will be adapted into the first season of the television show Lockwood & Series. In total, there are 5 seasons of Lockwood & Series. On the other hand, it is currently unknown how many novels will be discussed during each season. If the producers are thinking the same way as we are, then every single season will cover the events of each book, and as a result, we may anticipate a total of five seasons for the show as well.


Lockwood & Co. is based on the novels by Jonathan Stroud. The series stars an ensemble cast that includes Ruby Stokes, & Ben Crompton. All 8 episodes of the series will be available to stream on Netflix in 2023. The official trailer for Lockwood & Co. has been made available on Netflix. The first season will consist of eight episodes, each of which will have a running time of around one hour.

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