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What is the current status of Marvel’s forthcoming Fantastic Four film? After years of anticipation & enthusiasm over the erstwhile Fox characters entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios has confirmed an MCU Fantastic Four film. The Fantastic Four rights have been back in Marvel Entertainment’s hands since the 2019 Disney/20th Century Fox merger, with Marvel’s First Family set to make their MCU return in 2025.

The MCU Fantastic Four release date is known, as is their role as the film that kicks off Phase 6 of the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, but there are still many unanswered mysteries. Here’s all we know about the MCU Fantastic Four so far. Let’s begin reading.

Synopsis of Fantastic Four

After teleporting to a perilous universe, four young outcasts experience profound changes to their bodies as a result of the experience. Because their lives have been permanently changed, the team needs to figure out how to make use of their formidable new talents and collaborate in order to defend the planet from a foe who was once a friend.

Release Date for Fantastic Four

According to Digitalspy, at Comic-Con 2022, Kevin Feige made the announcement that the theatrical release of Fantastic Four will take place on November 8th, 2024. At first, we believed it would make it the first movie of Marvel’s Phase 6, however, it appears that Deadpool 3 will be released on September 6, 2024, so it appears that the honor has been taken by that film instead.

Fantastic Four Release Date Mcu

It is probable that the third entry in the series will be moved to the fifth and final installment of the phase. There is no information available to us at the beginning of filming for the movie, and, as always, there is the possibility that the release date could be moved.

Fantastic Four Will Not Be Directed by Jon Watts

Peyton Reed, the filmmaker of the Ant-Man film series, had at one point indicated an interest in helming the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Fantastic Four film. Later on, Jon Watts, director of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy, was going to take over the head of the project, but he ultimately decided against it, citing his lack of interest in producing additional superhero films.

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Matt Shakman, who has worked on projects such as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and WandaVision, is now in talks to direct Fantastic Four. Shakman is known for his work in the comedy genre. A Shaman is an excellent option. He has demonstrated that he is able to handle emotionally complex themes through his work on WandaVision and Game of Thrones.

Fantastic Four Release Date Mcu

Additionally, his appearances on the sitcoms Ugly Betty and Everybody Hates Chris have solid comic credentials. Movies like “Thor: Love and Thunder,” which was too frivolous, and “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” which was perplexing but depressingly gloomy, both demonstrated that a great Marvel Cinematic Universe entry is one that can find a tonal balance between comedy and sadness. From this vantage point, it appears that Shakman is capable of handling the Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four’s Cast

According to Polygon, there is currently no one in any of the parts that have been officially cast, although persistent speculations regarding the leading candidates for the roles continue to swirl. John David Washington and Dan Stevens are currently in the lead for the role of Reed Richards, while Zac Efron and Anthony Ramos are currently in the lead for the role of Johnny Storm. It would appear that Lily James and Samara Weaving are the most favored options for Sue Storm. Both Stephen Graham and Dean Norris are considered to be excellent candidates for the Thing.

Fantastic Four Release Date Mcu

What we are aware of, however, is the cast members who will not be appearing in the film. It is impossible for it to be anyone from the previous Fantastic Four movies, notably Chris Evans or Michael B. Jordan because they have both played different characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since they had the role of Johnny Storm. In addition, even though John Krasinski from “The Office” played Reed Richards from an alternate world in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” it is highly unlikely that he will play the character again in the normal Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Was Reed Richards’ Appearance in Doctor Strange 2 a Hoax?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness saw John Krasinski play Reed Richards on Earth-838, one of the parallel universes explored throughout the film, in a brilliant stroke of fan-casting. While this was a powerful moment, it doesn’t mean that John Krasinski’s casting as Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange 2 is official for Earth-616, where the rest of the primary chronology takes place. Krasinski is allegedly not reprising his role as Reed Richards for Marvel. There’s still a chance for things to change because the cast hasn’t been formally confirmed, but it appears like John Krasinski’s Reed Richards role in Doctor Strange 2 was just a ruse.

Spider-Man may appear in the Fantastic Four

As Jon Watts appeared to be in charge of both the Avengers and the Spider-Man properties, there was talk that Spider-Man might make an appearance in the movie. However, there is no word yet as to whether Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will appear in the Fantastic Four reboot, and it’s possible that Marvel Studios won’t want to risk merging the two projects given their precarious working relationship with Sony Pictures. In any case, there is no word yet as to whether or not Peter Parker will appear in the reboot.

Expected Plot  for Fantastic Four

Marvel has not yet divulged any information on the storyline for Fantastic Four, but Kevin Feige has stated that the movie would not be another origin narrative. The foursome attained their superpowers for the first time as a result of being subjected to cosmic rays while on a scientific trip in deep space; however, it appears that this will not be depicted on screen again. “A great number of people are familiar with this backstory. A great number of people have a basic understanding. How are we going to take that and present them with something that they’ve never seen before? When it comes to bringing that to the screen, we have extremely high expectations for ourselves,” Feige remarked during the San Diego Comic-Con.

Fantastic Four Release Date Mcu

Since the origin narrative has served as the foundation for the premise of previous adaptations, it is logical to assume that Marvel will take a different approach with the upcoming film version. Further, the studio has the propensity to avoid using traditional plots in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films that they create. Given that the Fantastic Four made their initial appearance all the way back in 1961, there are a great many more potential paths they could take. There is a large pool of potential antagonists for the next film to explore, including Namor, Doctor Doom, & Kurt, amongst others. They have also had encounters in the past with Ronan the Accuser, who was portrayed by Lee Pace in the films Captain Marvel & Guardians of the Galaxy.

The New Fantastic Four Film Will Not Be an Origin Story

Having established the genesis of the Fantastic Four heroes in the previous two iterations, Feige has revealed that he intends to do something different in the third installment, confirming: “This is a well-known origin narrative. Numerous folks understand the fundamentals. How can we transform this into something they’ve never seen before?”.

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Marvel adopted a similar strategy for their version of Spider-Man, assuming that audiences were already familiar with Peter Parker’s origins, and the result was an amazing success. Based on previous evidence, it appears that the Fantastic Four film will take a similar approach, which is good news for Marvel’s First Family.

Ratings & Reviews of Fantastic Four 2015

According to Rottentomatoes, Fantastic Four (2015) is a badly designed, incompetently produced, and clumsy piece of Branded Product that sounds as if it were written by a computer program fed every superhero film script to date and taught to synthesize them.

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The most recent adaptation of Stan Lee and Joltin’ Jack Kirby’s iconic superheroes resembles a clumsy mix of an Eighties Afterschool Special and a failed WB tween-heartthrob adventure devoid of emotional depth. Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer rate fantastic four 9% & audience score is 18%(10k+ reviews).

Where You Can Watch Fantastic Four

Currently, you may stream “Fantastic Four” on Disney Plus, USA Network, or Peacock, Peacock Premium for free with advertisements. Additionally, “Fantastic Four” can be rented online via Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu, Microsoft Store, Redbox, DIRECTV, and AMC on Demand, and it can be downloaded via Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu, Microsoft Store, Redbox, DIRECTV, and AMC on Demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Marvel’s Fantastic Four Set to Arrive in 2024?

Fantastic Four will be released in theatres on November 8, 2024, according to Marvel Studios. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige also revealed that the film will kick off Phase 6 of the MCU.

Will Fantastic 4 Usher be in the MCU’s Phase 6?

Marvel’s slate is massive, stretching all the way through 2026. This includes the remainder of Phase 4, all of Phase 5, and even the start of Phase 6, which will climax in two Avengers films that will conclude the Multiverse Saga. The Fantastic Four film will be released following Deadpool 3, making it the first official film of the MCU’s Phase 6. This could alter in the coming years, but it means that the Fantastic Four will play a critical role in how the next sweeping era of MCU storylines finishes.


Marvel’s Fantastic Four film will be released in November 2024. It will kick off Phase 6 of the MCU’s Multiverse Saga. The release date could be moved to September 2024, as Deadpool 3 is still set for 2024. Matt Shakman is in talks to direct Fantastic Four. Marvel Studios won’t want to risk merging the two projects. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed that the new Fantastic Four film will not have an origin story. Previous films have established the origin of the Fantastic Four characters. 

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