Wonder Woman 3 Release Date| Cast| Trailer| And Everything You Need To Know!

Wonder Woman 3 was officially announced soon after Wonder Woman 1984 came out, even though people had mixed feelings about the DC sequel. Warner Bros. announced on December 27, 2020, that Gal Gadot would be in a 3rd movie, which would be written & directed by Patty Jenkins, just like the 2nd one. The Ist movie was written by Alan Heinberg.

The studio’s chairman, Toby Emmerich, said, “We are excited to be able to continue the story with our real-life Wonder Women, Gal & Patty, who will return to finish the long-planned theatrical trilogy.” The third movie is different from the Wonder Woman spin-off that was already announced & will be about the Amazons. That movie will be about what happens between the second and third movies. Jenkins will produce it, but she won’t be in charge of directing it. But for now, let’s think about Wonder Woman 3 & what to expect from the last movie in the series. Here’s all the information you need.

Wonder Woman – What Is It About?

In the months leading up to the release of “Wonder Woman 1984,” director Patty Jenkins revealed that she and DC’s former Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns had already come up with a story for “Wonder Woman 3.” However, like the rest of the world, Jenkins has been forced to pause and reevaluate her future plans in light of the revelations surrounding Covid.

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Since so much has changed in the globe, “what I wanted to talk about in  was really predictive to what I was feeling and what you were sort of feeling was coming,” she said.

Wonder Woman 3 Release Date

With that in mind, Jenkins seems unwavering in his commitment to creating a modern story for “Wonder Woman 3,” as opposed to another film set in the DCEU’s past. Even though the fate of Barbara Minerva/Cheetah was left a little ambiguous in “Wonder Woman 1984,” she hasn’t changed her mind on bringing the character back. Jenkins and Gadot’s plans for future non-DC projects (including their Cleopatra film) add credence to the theory that they will leave the DCEU after the “Wonder Woman” trilogy is finished.

Release Date for Wonder Woman Season 3

Warner Bros. has confirmed it, but we don’t yet have an official date for when Wonder Woman 3 will come out. Gadot & Jenkins are both pretty busy right now. They are working together on a movie about Cleopatra & Jenkins’ Star Wars movie, Rogue Squadron, which comes out in December 2023.

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In July 2021, the 3rd movie’s producer Charles Roven said, “We’re starting to put something together.” But Roven didn’t give any specific dates for when the movie will start filming, or even if it will start filming. Jenkins won’t be in charge of the Amazons spin-off, but that shouldn’t stop Wonder Woman 3 from happening. According to digitalspy, filming will not start before 2023, which could mean the movie will come out in 2024.

The Cast of Wonder Woman Season 3

Gal Gadot will be back for sure in the third movie. Chris Pine played Steve Trevor again in Wonder Woman 1984. Since his character has died twice so far, it’s likely that he won’t be back. In the second movie, Steve came back because Diana made a wish on an old gem that made wishes come true. But Steve couldn’t go back to his own body because he had been dead since 1918, so he moved into the body of a man with no name. When Diana gave up on her wish, Steve and Pine were both gone again.

Wonder Woman 3 Release Date

There’s a chance that Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen, who played Antiope and Queen Hippolyta, will show up in flashbacks to Diana’s childhood in the Amazon. Asteria is one Amazon who is sure to play a bigger role. Fans were shocked when Lynda Carter, who played the first Wonder Woman, showed up in the scene after the credits in Wonder Woman 1984. Both Carter and Gadot have said that she will have a bigger role in the third movie.

Expected Plot for Wonder Woman Season 3

It’s still not clear where Diana’s story will go in Wonder Woman 3. We’ve already seen her come into her own and figure out where she fits in the world over the course of the last two movies. It’s not at all clear where she’ll go next. Patty Jenkins has said that she wants to include the world as it is now in the movie. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic looks like it will have a big effect on the movie.

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Jenkins told Heroic Hollywood in 2020 that she has put Wonder Woman 3 on hold so she can figure out how the world has changed after COVID. She said, “I’ve really hit the pause button.” “Because, in reality, that plot point was based on how we were six months ago.

Wonder Woman 3 Release Date

So, I want to make sure I fully understand whatever happens as a result of this pandemic.” The fact that a spinoff movie is being made at the same time is another reason why it’s taking so long to find out more about Wonder Woman 3. The spinoff movie, which will be about the Amazons of Themyscira that Diana left behind, was announced in 2019. Jenkins won’t be in charge of directing the spinoff, but she plans to use parts of it in Wonder Woman 3. Now, to be fair, there is no release date for the spinoff yet, and it might not even happen. So until we hear more about that, no one really knows what the last Wonder Woman movie will be about.

Trailer for Wonder Woman Season 3

The Wonder Woman 3 trailer hasn’t yet been unveiled. It’s still extremely early in the production process because filming hasn’t started, therefore details about the movie are being kept tightly under wraps. In fact, it looks like fans will have to wait a long time before they can see any footage from the new movie. Till then you can enjoy the trailer of Wonder Woman 1984 –

Is There Going to Be a Theater & Hbo Max Release for Wonder Woman 3?

Variety says that the third Wonder Woman movie will have a “traditional theatrical release.” This means that it probably won’t be on HBO Max at the same time. Usually, movies come out on DVD/Blu-ray and stream anywhere from three to four months after their first run in theatres. There’s no way to know what the entertainment scene will be like in a few years since the pandemic has changed the way studios usually put out movies. In 2021, Warner and AT&T will put a year’s worth of movies on HBO Max. By the end of next year, the company may decide to keep its strategy of putting streaming first even after the pandemic is over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Will Be the Bad Guy in Wonder Woman 3?

Diana Prince has already faced off against Ares, Doctor Poison, Cheetah & Maxwell Lord in her first two movies. But who follows? Mikey Sutton of Geekosity’s sources say that the main enemy of World War Three will be none other than Circe.

Does Aquaman Appear in Wonder Woman 3?

Because it was in an early draft of the script, it’s possible that the reveal that Jason Momoa’s Aquaman will show up in Wonder Woman 3 will be changed or even taken out. Jason Momoa will probably still be in Wonder Woman 3 if Arion is a big part of the story.

Who Is Wonder Woman’s God?

Diana is a Roman goddess who is in charge of the hunt, the moon, and nature. Artemis is the god of the hunt in Greek mythology. Diana is mentioned the first time Wonder Woman shows up in All-Star Comics #8.


Wonder Woman 3 will have a “traditional theatrical release”. Usually, movies come out on DVD/Blu-ray and stream anywhere from three to four months after their first run in theatres. The movie probably won’t be on HBO Max at the same time as the other films. I hope you found this article interesting. The website provides up-to-date articles and news. Everything you need to know is right here. Don’t forget to give your feedback in the comment section and don’t forget to bookmark our website Fedregs advisor for more such articles.

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