Tall Girl 3: Will It Happen? Everything You Must Know

On February 11, Netflix made Tall Girl 2 available in its catalog, a film that immediately achieved moderate success.

Given the warm welcome, fans have been wondering if sweet Jodi will return for a third and final film. To date, the platform has not yet expressed itself in this sense. However, as also reported by the DigitalSpy website, it is very likely that there will be Tall Girl 3, as romcoms such as To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Kissing Booth have been divided into 3 seasons. We just have to wait to see how things will evolve, obviously hoping to receive only positive news.


Tall Girl: What Is The Plot?

Tall Girl tells the story of Jodi Kreyman, a 1.86cm tall high school girl who has always lived her life feeling uncomfortable about her height.

In the first film, we witnessed Jodi’s personal growth that, even through a series of mistakes, she finally managed to break down all of her fears and insecurities. After tasting her popularity, Jodi realizes the value of the people around her and finds love in Jack, her longtime friend of hers.

In the second film, however, we find Jodi struggling with new challenges to face. In particular, the girl is chosen as the protagonist for the school musical. This dream, however, soon turns into a nightmare, as Jodi lets her pressure drag self-esteem and affections into a downward spiral.

But what should we expect in Tall Girl 3 ? Surely, in the wake of the latest successful romcoms, the film could tell the protagonists’ last year of superiors. A year with a bittersweet flavor

, certainly made up of unforgettable moments, but also of new challenges and anxieties for the future. And, of course, the film cannot miss the new drama between Jodi and Jack.


Tall Girl 3: When Will It Release?

Unfortunately, not being sure that Netflix will make a third chapter, it is impossible to know when Tall Girl 3 is released. If the platform decides to continue Jodi’s story, it’s almost certain that the third installment won’t arrive until February 2023.

Tall Girl 3: Who’s In The Cast?

Having not yet been confirmed by Netflix, it is difficult to predict which actors and characters will go to form the cast of Tall Girl 3.

Presumably, all the actors could return to the roles they played in the last two films. However, the arrival of some new entries is not excluded. The only thing we can do is bring you the protagonists of the first two films below:

  • Ava Michelle as Jodi Kreyman, the protagonist of the story;
  • Griffin Gluck as Jack Dunkleman , Jodi’s best friend;
  • Luke Eisner as Stig, a new Swedish student that Jodi develops a crush on;
  • Anjelika Washington as Fareeda , Jodi’s best friend;
  • Sabrina Carpenter as Harper Kreyman, Jodi’s sister;
  • Clara Wilsey as Kimmy, the most popular girl in school and Jodi’s nemesis;
  • Rico Paris as Schnipper, one of the main bullies who make fun of Jodi;
  • Jan Luis Castellanos as Tommy Torres, a new and mysterious student;
  • Johanna Liauw as Stella, a new student from Sweden;
  • Steve Zahn as Richie Kreyman, father of Jodi and Harper;
  • Angela Kinsey as Helanie Kreyman, mother of Jodi and Harper.

The second film was produced by Netflix and the Wonderland Sound and Vision studio.

Tall Girl 3: Details Regarding Its Streaming?

While we don’t know if a third installment will be made, we know for sure where to see Tall Girl 3 in streaming. Since this is Netflix original content, the only way to see the film will be to connect to the streaming platform and enjoy the fun.

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